Terms Of Adoption Of A Bulldog Pros Puppy

Thank You & Congrats On Your
Future Bulldog Pros Puppy!

Adoption Terms
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What’s Next?
Once Your Reserve Deposit Is Received, You Will Be Provided With A Detailed Statement, Including Adoption Terms; & Weekly Photo Updates Of Your Puppy, Via email.

If a pre-birth reservation has been placed, you will be notified of their birth with a photo announcement of the puppies, with choice of puppies being made by 4 weeks of age, and weekly updates of your puppy following.

Reservations & Payments:

PayPal Is Accepted For Reserve Deposits Only & Deposits Are Non-Refundable.
Additional Payments¬†Can Be Made Via USPS Money Orders, Cashier’s Check Or Bank-To-Bank Transfers, Prior To Your Puppy Reaching 7 Weeks Of Age (If Being Delivered);¬†Or In¬†Cash (Only) At Pick-Up
Updated Statement Will Be Emailed With Each & Every Payment For Your Records.

If your puppy is being delivered to your location, adoption fees and applicable delivery charges
must be paid in full at least 7 days prior to your puppy departing (and/or 7 weeks of age).
Delivery cannot be scheduled until adoption and delivery fees have been paid in full,
so please keep this in mind when making payments.

Chocolate Seal Male English Bulldog Puppy

Pre-Birth Reservations:
Pre-Birth Reservations allow you to reserve a specific choice-order, and/or color/gender, from an upcoming litter.
In The Event That A Specified Puppy Is Not Available From Planned Litter, You Can Choose A Refund Of The Reserve Deposit, Or It Can Be Forwarded To Our Next Upcoming Litter.
**Refunds Only Available In The Event That The Color/Gender Of Your Puppy Is Not Born In Reserved Litter**

Extended Stay Program:
In Most Cases, Puppies Are Available For Their New Homes At 8 Weeks Of Age, With A One Week Grace Period Offered At No Charge.

РIf Extended Stay (Past 9 Weeks Of Age) Is Needed At Your Request, Puppies Are Welcome To Stay With Us For An Additional 3 Weeks (Up To 12 Weeks Of Age).

–¬† Adoption Fees Must Be Paid In Full, And Arrangement Made By 8 Weeks Of Age.
The Cost Is Just $50 Per Week, With 2 Weeks Pre-Paid At 8 Weeks Of Age, For Accommodations.

English Bulldog Puppies Missouri $1895

Your puppy will be ready for pick-up at 8 weeks of age. If your puppy is being delivered, arrangements will be made after your puppy reaches 8 weeks of age and adoption fees have been paid in full.

РComplete puppy-packs are provided for your puppy, which includes their favorite toy, a harness and leash set, porter and puppy food. We also provide a full record of health history, including dates of de-worming treatments, vaccinations and final health check.

РPuppies will be micro-chipped and documentation provided to allow you to register the chip information.

AKC Registration:
– AKC registration applications are provided at the time of pick-up/delivery, with Full AKC Registration only.
If Full AKC registration is being purchased at a later date, a copy of your application will be provided. The original application, with unlimited/full AKC status, will be released within 7 days of final payment of Full AKC Status.

Chocolate English Bulldog Puppies

Full AKC Status:
When Full AKC registration is offered on a Bulldog Pros puppy, this simply means that we feel that the quality of the puppy is acceptable for breeding, but cannot a guarantee that your Bulldog will be capable of reproduction at maturity.

If you have questions regarding any of the above terms, please call us at 573-873-4293.