AKC Color Codes For Rare Color English Bulldogs

Below is a list of the colors and markings, provided by the AKC, that are available for Bulldogs.
Rare color codes are located below the standard codes, in bold text.

In the first column, you will see the description, or name of the color and/or markings.

The second column determines the color as Standard (S) or Alternate (A) / Rare Color.
This is the classification of the color for show purposes. (Proving the point that rare color Bulldogs are in fact, eligible for show. The exception is Chocolate, due to the disqualification of the brown nose.)

The third column is the code that is entered on an application when registering your Rare Color Bulldog.

Description Type Code
Brindle & White S 059
Fawn S 082
Fawn & White S 086
Fawn Brindle & White S 089
Gray Brindle S 107
Red S 140
Red & White S 146
Red Brindle S 148
Red Brindle & White S 149
White S 199
Black A 007
Black & Fawn (Used For Black & Tan Bulldogs) A 011
Black & White (Used For Bi &/Or Seal Bulldogs) A 019
Black Fawn & White (Used For Black Tri With Light Points) A 023
Black Red & White (Used For Black Tri With Dark Points) A 027
Brindle A 057
Bronze (Used For True Bronze &/Or Seal Bulldogs) A 060
Fawn & Brindle A 084
Gray (Used For True Blue Bulldogs) A 100
Gray & White (Used For True Blue Tri Bulldogs) A 105
Description Type Code
Black Mask S 004
Brindle Markings S 007
Piebald S 025
White Markings S 014
Black Markings A 002
Black Mask, White Markings A 005
Fawn Markings A 008
Red Markings A 023
Spotted A 021
White Mask A 015