All-Inclusive Puppy Care Pack

We Provide Everything Needed For An Easy
Transition And Stress-Free
Bulldog Pros Puppy Pack

Bulldog Pros’ Puppies Arrive Home With All Of The Needed Supplies, Documentation &
Full Protection For A Great Start And Easy Transition For Both You And Your Puppy.

This includes an all-inclusive Puppy Starter Kit; Organized Documentation Folder, with in-depth health records, certificate of good health, multiple brochures and guides for puppy care; as well as their AKC Registration Application (when applicable) & Microchip Identification for their protection!

Following is an overview of the items you will receive with your puppy on adoption day:

Puppy Starter Kit Packed With Supplies:
Our all-inclusive Bulldog Pros’ Puppy Kit is provided with each of our puppies. We include all of the necessary items needed to help you with the first few weeks of transition, including a porter for a comfortable ride home, a full-sized bag of premium puppy food, matching harness and leash set, toys and more.

AKC Registration:
Registration of your puppy with the AKC is offered when Full AKC status has been approved and purchased.

Health Verification Guarantee:
Each of our puppies receive a documented verification of good health, provided by our personal Veterinarian. This is a guarantee that your puppy was in perfect health the day of the examination (usually at 1-2 days prior to adoption). These examinations go beyond the basics and include an in-depth check of the heart, to rule out any conditions, including murmurs; a thorough check of their joints, including hips and knees; and an examination of the throat for any issues that could impair the breathing of a Bulldog.

Complimentary Veterinarian Visit:
To provide you with additional peace-of-mind, you will also be provided with a Free consultation with a Veterinarian in your local area. This allows you the opportunity to have a Veterinarian meet and examine your new puppy; as well as schedule future vaccinations, de-worming treatments and preventatives.

Health Insurance:
In addition to assuring your puppies health with a full health screening, by two Veterinarians, we will also provide you with two months of FREE Health Insurance for your puppy. Through an affiliation with the AKC, you will receive your certificate when your puppies completed AKC registration pack arrives in the mail.

FREE Microchip Identification & Enrollment:
At the time of their final Health Verification, our Veterinarian also implants each puppy with a Microchip for instant identification. Full documentation is provided, and we cover the costs for enrollment in the AKC Reunite program.

Full Documentation Of Health Treatments & Preventatives:
We provide a full list of treatments and preventatives that your puppy has received since birth.
This includes any and all de-worming treatments, vaccinations, health checks and more.