AndroPRO ChillGuard LT 10 Day Semen Extender

The Professional Extender For Shipping Semen

Best Extender For Shipped SemenAndroPRO ChillGuard LT – The Best Extender On The Market!

AndroPro LT 10 Day Extender is the highest quality product for those offering stud service that requires shipping fresh, chilled semen. Their unique APF additive protects sperm from damage caused from temperature variations during the shipping process, and stabilizes the membrane to prevent stress, providing your customers with the highest quality shipped semen!

It provides a long-term extender time of 10 days, making it ideal for shipping and increasing the chances of a successful breeding, even when the timing is not 100% perfect. This provides a higher success rate of pregnancies, as well as potentially larger litter sizes.

Each bottle is 20 ml, allowing for a minimum of two shipped samples. Orders are processed the day they are received, with overnight shipping available.

For more information on LT, or other semen extenders, please feel free to call us at 573-873-4293, or purchase here.