Avoiding Scams When Adopting English Bulldog Puppies

English Bulldog Puppy ScamsThe number of English Bulldog puppy scams is growing at a staggering rate, and sadly, a large number of people are falling victim to them.

Not a week goes by that I don’t speak with someone that has lost money to scam for Bulldog puppies. It is a terrible situation, not only to those that have been scammed, but also to legitimate Bulldog breeders.

It has created a situation where people are now afraid to send deposits to secure their puppy, for fear that they will lose even more money in the process. So, what can you do to protect yourself? Following is a list of must-have information before you send any money for a Bulldog puppy.

  1. Look for an established website
    Serious, professional breeders will have a strong online presence, starting with their website. Look for the copyright information at the bottom of each site to see the length of time that it has been active. For instance, at the very bottom of our website, you will see Copyright 2012-2016. This shows that it is not only a current site, but one that has been online for several years.
  2. Find them on Facebook
    While not all English Bulldog breeders create a Facebook business page for their puppies, those that do allow you the opportunity to see the history of their past puppies, as well as successful adoptions and even feedback from others that have adopted their puppies from them.
  3. Make phone contact
    I cannot stress how important it is that you Speak to the breeder on the Phone. If you cannot speak to them directly, not via text, email, etc., this should be a big red flag. Those types of methods are fine, only after several phone conversations.
  4. Look for consistency
    Professional Bulldog breeders will maintain a consistent look and feel. Photos will be similar, possibly with the same background, text and writing style will be similar (from their website, to Facebook and emails) and the overall feel will be consistent, no matter where or how you reach them.
  5. Payment Options
    Anyone who requests Western Union, Wal-Mart Payments, etc., should be seriously considered. These types of payments offer no type of protection or tracking. Here at Bulldog Pros, we accept ALL deposits via Paypal. I don’t mind paying the small fee for a safe, secure and documented payment option for our adopters. Once deposits are placed, we offer several forms of payments, including Bank Transfer, which is easily tracked.
While these are just a few ways to help prevent scams for English Bulldog puppies, the best way to know is if something just doesn’t feel right. Nine times out of ten, our customers that have been scammed tell me that they had a feeling something was wrong with the situation. However, the photo of the adorable puppy and the incredible price was too good to pass up …. and unfortunately, too good to be true.