Black Sable Tri Triple Carrier AKC English Bulldog

Bulldog Pros Posh, A Black Sable Tri,
Triple Carrier (Blue, Chocolate, Black Tri)
Sired By Black Gold Bulldogs’ Rocky
Black Sable Tri Triple Carrier English Bulldog Stud Missouri

Posh Is Very Rare Black-Shaded Sable Tri, Triple Carrier,
AKC English Bulldog, Weighing In At Just 48 Pounds
Genetic Profile: Ay/at (Black Tri Carrier) ~ D/d (Blue Carrier) ~ B/b (Chocolate Carrier)

All-Inclusive Stud Fee, Just $2495; Or
First Pick Of The Litter Considered

Posh is a gorgeous rare Black Sable Tri, triple carrier, meaning he carries all rare colors, including Blue, Chocolate and Black Tri. He is sired by Dawg Gone Rocky Road, aka Rocky, of Blackgold Bulldogs; and his dam is from Peruvian import bloodlines, with many American, Peruvian and International Champions.

Being sired by Rocky, a Black Tri, Triple Carrier, Posh’s genetics (see DNA Profile) provide him with the capability to produce a wide range of beautiful rare color puppies. Being a triple carrier himself, when paired with color or carrier girls, he can produce puppies in shades of Dark Blue & Blue Fawn, Dark Chocolate Tri & Chocolate Sable, Lilac Tri & Lilac Fawn, Black Tri, Blue Tri and More.

Bulldog Pros Black Triple StudSee Posh’s AKC Certified Pedigree HERE

With standard color females, he produces puppies in a range of sable tones, including dark sable tri, black-shaded sable tri; as well as puppies that carry a combination of rare colors. An ideal stud for those looking to produce a variation of rare color and carrier puppies.

His Champion lineage has blessed him with an amazing build. In addition to his broad stance, he has a very compact frame, set on short, powerful legs. He is also a very healthy breather, with a nice straight tail and is free of any skin or food allergies; all highly desirable traits when producing strong, healthy puppies.

Black Triple Carrier Bulldog Stud

Puppies Sired By Posh

Judo ~ Blue Tri Male
** Also Available For Stud Service **

Blue Tri English Bulldog Stud Service
Lucy ~ Chocolate Female At 10 Weeks
English Bulldog Puppies Missouri

April & May 2014 Puppies ~ Bred To Standard, Sable Females
English Bulldog Puppies Sired By Posh
Pippa (Top Left) & Lyla (Bottom Right) Are From Posh’s First Sired Litter Of Six Puppies;
And Franco (Top Right), Sophie (Middle Right) & Bianca (Bottom Left) Are Babies From
His Second Sired Litter, Also Producing Six Sable Tri Bulldog Babies, Born May 2014.

Blue Tri Males From Posh’s Third Sired Litter, Bred To A Carrier-Only Of Blue & Black Tri;
And Blue Fawn & Black Tri Females From His Fourth Sired Litter, Bred To A Blue Triple
Black Tri Blue Tri Posh Sired Puppies
Posh Is Now Available For Stud Service At $2495;
With First Pick Of The Litter Option Considered

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