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Bulldog Pros Black Tri / Blue Carrier
AKC English Bulldog Stud ~ Liam  Black Tri Blue Carrier AKC English Bulldog Stud Service

Liam (Pronounced Lee-um) Is A Black Tri, Blue Carrier, AKC English Bulldog Stud, Sired By Papa Smurf Koehler and produced by Tammy Koehler. Papa Smurf, A Rare Blue Tri, Was A True Cornerstone Of Rare Color English Bulldogs. Liam’s Mom, Sired By Mack Dozer, Is A True Black Tri.

In Addition To Providing Black Tri & Strong Blue Genetics From The Papa Smurf-Bloodline, Liam Also Offers A True Bulldog Build, Without Compromising Health. He Has A Nice, Broad Chest; Straight, Healthy Legs & Tail; And Desired Blocky Head That Isn’t Overly Heavy, To Provide Easy-Breathing.


Tri-Fling Liam Stud Services

A Great Option For Those Just Getting Into Rare Colors, As Well
As Current Color Breeders Looking To Build Their Bloodlines.

Now Available To Sire Your Next Litter Of
English Bulldog Puppies At Just $995!!

No Additional Cost For Collections &/Or Packaging And Overnight Shipping Is Free!!

**First Pick Puppy Considered For Liam’s Stud Service**
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~ AKC Registered With DNA Recorded
~ Proven Producer Of Beautiful Colored Puppies
~ DOB: June 2010 ~ Current Weight: 52 Pounds

Liam Allows You To The Opportunity To Produce Your Own Black Tri Carrier Females,
From Quality Rare Color Bloodlines … With The Low Investment Of A Single Stud Fee!

For Those Just Getting Started With Color, Liam Is A Great Option For A Stud. With Each & Every Puppy He Sires, He Passes The Black Tri Gene (& Blue 75% Of The Time), Meaning That Each Puppy He Produces, When Bred To A Black Tri Or Tri Carrier, Has The Ability To Produce This Color As Well.

If You Currently Have Standard Color Girls, Liam Can Help You Build Your Own Unique Line Of Color Carriers! You Can Improve Your Own Program, By Keeping Puppies, As Well As Increasing The Value And Desirability Of Any Puppies You’ll Be Placing From The Litter.

Black Tri Male Sired By Liam
Black Tri Bulldog Stud


* For Current Rare Color Breeders *
Add Black Tri & Blue, With Smurf (Only) Bloodlines

For Current Rare Color Breeders, Liam Offers Black Tri & Blue, Without Any Of The Other Top-Name Bloodlines. An Ideal Boy For Those With Rocky (Blackgold’s Dawg Gone Rocky Road) Lineage Girls; Any Of The Newer, Blue & Tri Import Lines, As Well As Chocolate Females, When Needing The Addition Of Black Tri To Produce Triple Carriers.

Black Tri & Blue Carrier Female Produced By Liam In 2014
Black Tri Blue Carrier Adult Bulldog

Using Our Stud Service: What To Expect

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Our Stud Fees Provide You With The Maximum Value For Your Investment. We Make It Our Goal To Provide You With The Best Quality Service And Results, At The Lowest Cost Possible, With ‘Pick-Of-The-Litter’ Option Now Available.


The Stud Fees For Each Of Our Males Are All-Inclusive; Meaning There Are Never Any Added Fees Or Hidden Charges. The Investment Of $1995, For Puppies Sired By Liam, Covers Collection, Professional Analysis & Packaging By Our Veterinarian, Overnight Shipping…Everything!


We Offer A Wide Range Of Payment Options & Arrangements To Help You Finance Your Investment!


Each Of Our Males Are Offered For Stud Services No More Than Once Per Month. This Includes Our Own Personal Breeding, Which Is Currently About Once Per Year (Per Male).

For Information On Availability, The Breeding Process, Payment Options,
Or To Book Liam For Your Next Breeding, Please Call Us At 573-873-4293.
Advanced Reservations, With An Approximate Breed Date Are Encouraged To Ensure Availability.

Bulldog Pros Liams Pedigree See Liam’s Certified AKC Pedigree HERE


Nationwide Shipping:
We Ship Chilled Semen Via The Best Overnight Service Available, Getting Your Package To Your
Veterinarian By 11:30 a.m. The Next Morning! The Faster You Get Your Delivery, The Stronger
The Semen Will Be, Providing You With The Best Results Possible When Using Our Stud Services.

Local Delivery:
We Are Located In Mid Missouri, At The Lake of the Ozarks, And Can Provide Direct Delivery
Of Fresh Semen To Select Areas Of Missouri. The Cost For Direct Delivery Is Still Just $1995!
For More Information On Local Stud Service, Feel Free To Call Us At 573-873-4293.

Any Areas Outside Of Our Fresh Semen Delivery Area In Missouri Will Be Delivered Chilled,
Via Overnight PRIORITY Shipping … To Any Location Throughout The U.S.

 For More Information, Please Feel Free To Call Us At 573-873-4293.

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