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The Bulldog Pros Blog About Dogs covers a range of topics, including care and training tips for puppies and adult dogs, health related information and advice, as well as the latest news regarding Bulldogs.

We also test and try different dog related books and products and provide reviews and recommendations to help our readers.

New articles, information and updates are added regularly. Topics are chosen based on our experience, current happenings and anything else that sparks an idea that could be helpful to our readers.

Featured Articles:

Rare Color Bulldogs: The Great DebateRare Color Black Tri English Bulldog

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Exercising Your English Bulldog
Bulldogs And Exercise

Exercise For Bulldogs: How Much Is Enough .. Or Too Much? 


Skin Irritation – Treatments & Prevention

Skin Allegies In English Bulldogs and BordeauxSummer is the most common time to see skin irritation in Bulldogs and Bordeaux.
Find tips for treating allergies, preventing hot spots … and how to tell the difference
with our article on Skin Allergies, Hot Spots & Other Summer Ailments .


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