Signs and Symptoms of a Sick Bulldog

Hottie The Bulldog Plays SickSigns and symptoms of a sick English Bulldogs can sometimes be a bit difficult to detect. They tend to vomit easily, and just eating a bit of the wrong food can cause them to have loose stool.
So how do you know if your Bulldog is really sick?

Vomiting In English Bulldogs

English Bulldogs are known for vomiting easily, mostly due to their difficulty in breathing. If they drink water too fast, or in excess, this can cause a small amount of vomit. If a healthy Bulldog does vomit because of this, it will look like water with a touch of foam (stomach acids).

However, if your Bulldog has vomited several times, or in large amounts, this is something you will definitely want to watch. Any sign of blood, or foreign objects in their vomit will require an immediate visit to the vet. Also, if vomiting is severe, and/or accompanied by diarrhea for more than a few hours, you will want to call your vet right away. Not only is this a sure symptom of being sick, Bulldogs can dehydrate quickly, which is a major cause for concern.

Nasal Drainage

If your Bulldog has any amount of thick drainage from their nose, this is a pretty good indicator that they’re sick! A minimal amount of clear fluids is common with exercise or brisk walks in the cold, but anything with any consistency or color is bad. It could be that he has sinus infection, or possibly pneumonia. Either of these will need to be addressed and diagnosed by your vet and will likely require antibiotics.

A Coughing Bulldog

If you notice that your Bulldog has began to cough regularly, this should also be cause for concern. First, this is a common symptom for a dog that has heartworms. There are a range of other illnesses that cause a dog to cough, but each are a sign your Bulldog is sick and needs to see the vet.

Build-Up In Their Eyes

If your Bulldogs has a filmy build-up in their eyes, especially if it is has any color to it (yellow or green) and/or is located in just one eye, you will need to have their eyes checked as soon as possible. This is most likely a sign of an infection that will require antibiotic drops. Any concerns with your Bulldogs eyes will need to be diagnosed early to prevent damage.

A Dull Coat

Bulldogs are susceptible to a wide range of skin and coat issues, from hair loss to dry skin. However, if you noticed a dramatic change in their coats sheen, giving it a powdery look, this is a symptom of a sick dog. Dull coats are usually a sign of dehydration, which could be caused by a quite a few illnesses. This includes the deadly diseases parvo and distemper, so this should never go unchecked.

Additional Symptoms Of A Sick Bulldog

– Unusual laziness or lethargy
– Refusal of food and/or water
– Shaking or trembling of any kind
– Diarrhea that continues for more than 8 hours, or has any trace of blood

These are a few of the most obvious signs and symptoms to look for in a sick Bulldog. However, you know your dog best, so when something doesn’t look right, you should always be safe and call your vet with any concerns.

Preventing Your Bulldog From Getting Sick

You can avoid many diseases and illnesses in your Bulldog by staying up-to-date on all the preventatives needed. In addition to their yearly vaccinations (that are a MUST), it’s always a good idea to have your Bulldog on heartworm preventatives and treat them regularly for intestinal parasites (worms).

High quality food; clean, fresh water and a good Probiotic should keep their bellies in check year round.

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