Bo Dazzo

Sable TRI Male English BulldogBo Dazzo, The Original English Bulldog Stud Of Bulldog Pros

About Bo Dazzo
Bo was the first male English Bulldog to join the Bulldog Pros family. He was adopted in February, 2012, as a strong base for our breeding foundation.

He was selected as our first daddy dog based on his great looks and many desirable traits. The ability to breathe normally, his thick stature and the dominant straight tail genetics are just a few of the things that make him an ideal stud.


Fawn Black Mask English Bulldog StudBo is also exceptional in appearance. He is a true fawn with a solid black mask, a beautiful characteristic that he has passed on to many of his offspring.

His athletic build is also highly desirable for healthy, mobile English Bulldog puppies.

The best part about Bo is that his genetics are very dominant, allowing him to consistently produce puppies that inherit many if his strong, desirable traits.


Daddy and Baby English BulldogsIn addition to his appearance, Bo is also the sweetest male at Bulldog Pros, always paying close attention to the puppies in the house. When they are still tiny, at just a few weeks old, he feels the need to visit the baby bed many times a day. Once the puppies are old enough to play, he’s never too far away from them, especially outside.

His laid-back attitude and loving personality are his best attributes, only adding to his great looks! We are very fortunate have had the opportunity to bring Bo in as part of our family and look forward to seeing his puppies for many years to come.

If you are interested in Bo siring your next litter of English Bulldog puppies, please visit our Studs Of Bulldog Pros page for pricing, options and availability. We are located in Mid Missouri, at the Lake of the Ozarks, and offer local delivery options, as well as nationwide, overnight shipping.