Bravecto – Best Flea & Tick Control For English Bulldogs

Bravecto Flea and Tick Control For BulldogsA frequently asked question that we receive is ‘What is the best Flea & Tick Control product for English Bulldogs?’. My answer used to be Advantage multi .. until we began using Bravecto.

The Bravecto chew not only offers effective flea and tick control, but it also seemed to cut down on the number of Hot Spots and skin irritation that we were used to!

The best part is that it provides protection for 3 months. The Bulldogs love the chew and we only have to administer it 4 times per year!

It is available by prescription, either from your Veterinarian, or online at Revival Health (with a prescription), at a cost of just $40 per chew. So the investment is actually less than the typical monthly treatments.

There is also a new rebate program available now. If you purchase 4 doses, or a year of treatment, you receive a $35 rebate. You can find more on the rewards program at Bravecto Rewards.