Breeding Rare Color Bulldogs : An Introduction

Black Bronze Seal Blue Carrier Bulldog PuppiesSuccessfully Breeding Rare Color Bulldogs Requires A Basic Understanding Of Genetic Pairing

Although it may look easy, especially with the growing number of rare color English Bulldog puppies being produced, there is a science…and even a bit of art…to breeding for rare colors.

First and foremost, you must understand the various colors that are possible in the rare color world. The base colors for every Bulldog is either Black or Red/Fawn. From here, there are many variations of each, but they all go back to these two bases.

Black And White Tri Carrier Bulldog Puppy

A Black and White Male From Liam’s Oct. 2013 Puppies

From black, you get Black Tri, Dominant Black (Seal), Black Brindle, Dark Chocolates, True Blue, etc. Basically, if the base is dark, it’s a variation of black.

From Red (or Fawn), you get blue fawn, light chocolate, most blue brindles and basically any light color coat.

The important thing to understand here is that even when you have a full color Bulldog, a chocolate for instance, and breed it to a standard color, they will not produce full chocolate puppies unless the other has chocolate in their genetics. A standard color dog with the genetic capability of producing rare color is referred to as a ‘carrier’.

A carrier simply means that they genetically carry a rare color gene, although it will not be seen in their own coloring. This is a gene that is passed from the parents, so knowing the lineage of your Bulldogs is very important when beginning with color breeding.

So to produce rare color puppies, a minimum of two carriers is required to produce true blue, tri or chocolate. The odds increase when breeding a full color to a color carrier, with a guarantee when breeding two (of the same) full color Bulldogs.

Bronze Seal Bulldog

U-Blue, Our Full Blue, Dominant Black / Bronze Seal AKC English Bulldog Stud, Sired By Liam In 2012.

Now, there is one exception to this rule, and that is Dominant Black, commonly referred to as Black Seal. Bulldogs that are, or carry, Dominant Black are the only rare color dogs that not only pass the gene, but are also capable of producing Black puppies, regardless of the pairing.

Black Seal Bulldogs have the unique capability of covering, or masking, the ‘true’ color of their puppies. This is the easiest option to produce rare color puppies, because they do not require pairing with a full color or carrier dog.

This is the advantage we have with our two rare color English Bulldog studs here at Bulldog Pros. Both Liam and U-Blue are capable of producing variations of black with any standard color (fawn, white, red, etc.), non-carrier female.

And while this is a very brief overview of rare color breeding, it should provide you with a basic understanding of the genetics required to produce rare color Bulldog puppies. Look for more detailed information of each color in our upcoming Rare Color Breeding series of articles.