Bulldog Pros Black And White AKC English Bulldog Stud

Bulldog Pros Black & White Stud, Seth
Black & White Seal English Bulldog Stud

Seth is a very rare Black & White AKC English Bulldog stud, that is genetically both Dominant Black (K/N) AND True Black & White Bi-Color (a/a). See DNA Profile.

His rare color genetics allow him to pass this very rare Recessive Black gene to every one of his puppies. This means that all puppies sired by Seth will be capable of producing Black & White puppies as well!

Black Seal & White Bi Color English Bulldog Stud

His great build, with short, thick legs; and a large, powerful head, also provide highly desirable physical traits to pass to his puppies. This boy will provide healthy, true Bulldog builds … and amazing color!

He also offers uncommon bloodlines (commonly referred to as an outcross) to the other rare color lines, including other Black studs.

PedigreeBlack Seal Seth Pedigree English Bulldog Stud

Seth is now available for stud, from his new home in Oklahoma, at just $1995!
This includes professional collection, analysis and packaging;
free overnight shipping (to any location throughout the U.S.); and
guaranteed results, with scheduling available through Bulldog Pros.

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