Bulldog Pros Black Tri And Blue Carrier Female

Gemma ~ Adorable Brindle Pied Female
AKC English Bulldog, Sired By Liam

Bulldog Pros Gemma Is An Adorable Brindle Pied Female
AKC English Bulldog, That Carries Both Black Tri And Blue

Gemma has a very desirable¬†build, with thick, squatty legs and just enough length to provide her with great balance. She is a very relaxed girl who is never in a hurry to do anything! ūüôā

Her bloodline is very strong in color, with Liam in
the first and Papa Smurf in the second generation.
Gemma's 3-Gen Pedigree

A heavy-carrier of both Black Tri and Blue, Gemma has just produced her very first puppies July 22, 2014¬†(with Posh), at just over 2 years of age… And the results were absolutely incredible!

We were blessed with four very healthy boys, three of which were tri, including two blue tri boys, a black tri and one gorgeous black brindle.
Black Tri And Blue Tri English Bulldog Puppies By Gemma And Posh