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All Of Our Parents Are Part Of The Bulldog Pros Family!

English Bulldog Love

Each of the dogs that we use for breeding live here at Bulldog Pros. As a matter of fact, every Bulldog (both breeders and non-breeders) live in our home with us and are all treated equally. We do not have a commercial kennel (no outbuilding, etc.), nor do we bring in any other Bulldogs in for any breeding.

Why Is This So Important?
There are a number of reasons. First, it is best to breed Bulldogs that you know. It is the only way to truly understand their good (and bad) traits, attributes, characteristics and more. All of these things are very important and can only be known by living with each and every dog used for successful, pre-planned breeding.

Following Are Just A Few Examples of what we gain by knowing our dogs:

1. Daily Interaction
The only way to truly know and understand our Bulldogs is by having constant, daily hands-on interaction with each and every one of them. This is a must when determining which traits will compliment each other or, more importantly, potentially have negative results, when bred.

Female English Bulldog

2. Health & History
The health and history of our parents is never in question. Our dogs are fed the best in food, specially formulated to keep them as physically healthy as possible. This also provides direct access to their full history of health records to ensure that they are current on all immunizations, de-worming treatments and that the much needed pre/post breeding screenings and testing has been completed.

3. Knowing Their Personalities
This helps to determine any possible downfalls that need to be avoided when pairing our Bulldogs to produce high-quality puppies.

4. Healthy, Happy Dogs…..Produce Healthy, Happy Puppies!
The emotional health and care of the parents of our puppies is very important. With each of our dogs living in our home, there is never a doubt that they are receiving the proper care and are handled in a loving way. By knowing that each of our breeders is provided the love and care that’s needed for happy dogs, this is the only way that we feel comfortable raising puppies.