Bulldog Pros Blue Platinum English Bulldog ~ Lavia

Bulldog Pros Very Rare Blue Platinum
AKC English Bulldog ~ Lavia
Rare Blue Platinum AKC English Bulldog

Lavia is a Very Rare Blue (dd) Platinum (Solid White) AKC English Bulldog,
with strong Champion Bloodlines, including American, Peruvian and
International Grand Champions, such as Helfyre Warmvalley Sixspence,
Simpsonbulls’ Grand Champion Ms Congeniality, Adamant Warlock and
Showtime Silver Creek’s Cheerio … just to name a few!

Lavia’s Pedigree (3 Gen):
Lavia Blue Champion Pedigree

Not only is this girl from strong champion bloodlines, she is also one of
just a few true blue platinum AKC English Bulldogs in the entire U.S.!

Blue Platinum English Bulldog

Being A Blue Platinum, Lavia Is Entirely White With A Blue Nose And Pigment;
Genetic Coloring: dd ~ BB ~ ay/ay

Blue English Bulldog

See What Is A Platinum Bulldog? For More Information On Her Rare Coloring.