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We Begin Vaccinating Our Puppies At 6 Weeks Of Age, Starting With A 5-Way Combination Of Protection. Their first 5-Way vaccination begins the process for building a resistance to canine distemper, adenovirus type 1 (hepatitis), adenovirus type 2 (respiratory disease), parainfluenza, and parvovirus.

We recommend that your puppy receive their first 7-way vaccination at 9 weeks of age, followed by two more at 12 and 15 weeks. Then you will begin giving them yearly, starting at one year of age, for the best protection.

Recommended Vaccination Schedule For Bulldog Puppies:

  • 6 Weeks  ~   5-Way Combination (Completed Prior To Puppies Coming Home)
  • 9 Weeks     ~   7-Way Combination
  • 12 Weeks   ~   7-Way Combination
  • 14 Weeks   ~   Rabies
  • 15 Weeks   ~   7-Way Combination
  • 12 Months ~   7 Way Combination
  • 13 Months ~   Rabies

Our de-worming treatment and prevention schedule begins at 2 weeks of age, and continues bi-weekly until 8 weeks of age. From here, we recommend de-worming at 12 and 16 weeks of age, then bi-monthly for total protection.

Recommended Deworming Schedule For Puppies:
(Treatments In Bold Administered Here At Bulldog Pros)

  •  2 Weeks  ~  Pyrantel Pamoate Based
  •  4 Weeks  ~  Pyrantel Pamoate Based
  •  6 Weeks  ~  Fenbendazole Based (Safeguard)
  •  8 Weeks  ~  Fenbendazole Based (Safeguard)
  • 12 Weeks    ~  Fenbendazole Based (Safeguard)
  • 16 Weeks    ~  Fenbendazole Based (Safeguard)

**Schedules May Vary By Product**

Speak With Your Veterinarian If You Have Any Questions Regarding De-Worming & Vaccinating Your Puppy