Chocolate Triple Carrier AKC English Bulldog Stud

Bulldog Pros Chocolate Triple Carrier
AKC English Bulldog Stud, SILAS

Chocolate Triple Carrier Bulldog Stud Missouri

~ Accomplished Producer Of Blue, Chocolate & Lilac Tri
~ DOB: 07/2012; Current Weight: 54 Pounds

Silas (pronounced Sigh-Las) is a gorgeous Chocolate, triple color carrier, male AKC English Bulldog. He has an amazing, compact build; straight, healthy legs; strong, easy-breathing; topped off with a face full of wrinkles!

He is one of our triple carrier studs, meaning in addition to being Chocolate (bb), he also carries blue (Dd) and black tri (Ay/at), making him capable of producing not only healthy, well-built babies; but also puppies in a range of beautiful colors!

Now Available For Stud Service At Just $1795,
Including Collection, Packaging & Shipping!

 Silas Is Ideal For Producing Chocolate, Blue & All Colors Of Tri 
(Black, Blue, Chocolate & Lilac Tri) 
As Well As Chocolate (& Potentially Triple) Carrier Puppies

When paired with rare color and color carrier girls, he can produce blue and black tri, dark chocolate tri, lilac tri and lilac fawn, blue and chocolate fawn, as well as triple carrier puppies…and every puppy he produces, with any rare or standard color female, will carry the genetics to produce Chocolate puppies, guaranteed!

Our Firs Puppies Sired By Silas, Paired With Our Blue Tri, Triple Carrier, Dilutia
Blue Chocolate and Lilac English Bulldog Puppies

One Chocolate Tri Female & Two Chocolate Brindle Males;
One Blue Tri Male & One Lilac Tri Female, Born September 13, 2014

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Puppies Sired By Silas In Feb. 2014, Mom Is Our Rare Blue Platinum Female, Lavia
Blue Black Platinum Triple Carrier Bulldog Puppies

Silas’ first breeding provided amazing results in both looks and genetics of his puppies.
Not only were they exceptional in build and health, as well as heavily wrinkled,
75% of the puppies are triple carriers (when bred to a blue-only female); with one baby
Black & White, another a gorgeous dark blue and even a beautiful little platinum!
All puppies were reserved for adoption prior to their birth and
a waiting list has already begun for his late 2014 litter!

Silas’ Pedigree Chocolate Silas 4 Gen Pedigree

Available For Stud Service At Just $1795!

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