Choosing An English Bulldog Stud

How To Choose The Best Bulldog Stud
How To Choose An English Bulldog Stud

Finding The Best Match For Your Female

Choosing the proper Bulldog stud for your breeding is a serious process. However, there are many factors that must be determined prior to beginning the search.

The first step is to know your overall goals of the breeding. Will you be producing a litter with the idea of keeping a puppy for your own future bloodline? Are you hoping to produce show quality puppies?

Knowing your goal is the most important step in the entire process. And please keep in mind, this is not something that should be based solely on color or bloodlines alone. The primary goal should be to produce puppies of higher quality than the parents in both health and build.

Focusing on superficial trait, such as color alone, will most likely not provide the overall results you are looking for. You may get puppies with beautiful coat coloring, but if the looks are less than desirable or the health is compromised, the color becomes irrelevant.

To get started, an honest evaluation of your female is an absolute must. You’ll need to determine any obvious physical weaknesses she may have, as well as any undesirable traits. You may want to consider asking for an outside opinion, such as from your Veterinarian, for their input on this matter.

You will need to pay close attention to any faults in her appearance, such as a slightly long nose, thin legs, a smaller head; as well as any concerns with her health, including breathing problems, incorrect tail, etc. Only with this information will you know what traits you will be looking for in a stud in hopes of creating a desired balance in their offspring.

Please note, if you find yourself with a long list of undesirable physical and/or health concerns, you may want to reconsider breeding altogether. Even the very best stud will not be able to correct a female that is too far from breed standard or one with any major health issues.

Once your goals and desired traits are determined, you can begin researching available Bulldog studs. Given that you will likely be doing some method of artificial insemination, location should not be a major factor here. Just be sure that nationwide shipping (if required) is offered, as well as the additional cost of the shipping services.

This allows you to open your options and consider a stud from any location. It’s best to begin doing your research months before your estimated breeding date. This will allow you plenty of time to not only find the best available stud, but also time to contact and begin building a relationship with the breeder.

Your relationship with the stud owner will be critical for your success. You will need to be able to contact them with any questions, as well as rely on them to guide you through the entire process. This is especially true for those using an outside stud for the first time, in which it is best to find a breeder experienced with the entire process of providing stud service.

*Note* If rare color is a factor in your breeding, it is important that you take the time to research and study the genetics of rare color English Bulldogs. The pairing of genetics is the determining factor for the results that you will see with a breeding.

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