Control & Reduce Shedding In English Bulldogs

Shedding English BulldogsTips To Control Your Bulldogs Hair Loss

Living with Bulldogs, and hearing from others that do, I have to say that shedding is the #1 complaint. It seems no matter how much we sweep, vacuum and ‘dust’, the hair continues to pile up!

However, there a few steps that you can take to reduce the amount of shedding by your English Bulldog. The first is to avoid over-bathing. Each time you bathe your Bulldog, you are removing essential oils needed for a healthy skin and coat.

It can dry their skin, only adding to the problem of hair loss and dander. Keeping you Bulldog clean is important, but not overdoing it is critical.

There are also several supplements that are available to help keep their coat and skin healthy. One is Derma Coat Plus. These chews provide Omega 3, 6, & 9 fatty acids from flaxseed, fish, and soy oil, all of which are beneficial for Bulldogs. The nutrients found in these chews gives your dog healthier skin, a shinier coat, stronger nails, and helps with the body’s defenses, while reducing skin cell damage.

Another recommended supplement is TRI OMEGA 3 . This provides an enriched level of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, as well as Vitamins A, D and E to improve skin and hair coat. Not only is it good for their coat health, it also helps to reduce inflammation, allergies, auto immune disease, and immune system support; all of which will help to reduce shedding.

Keeping your Bulldog free of external parasites is also another important step. By avoiding itching and irritation, your dog is less likely to dig and scratch, increasing hair loss and dander. The most highly recommended treatment for flea and tick control is a product called Bravecto. Since using this product, we have seen a tremendous reduction in shedding, skin irritation and hot spots!

There are also many topical treatments that can be used, but we highly recommend trying the above options before applying other treatments that can have harsh side effects. Caring for your Bulldog should not be complicated. Many common issues, such as shedding and skin issues, can be reduced with proper nutrients and just a few extra steps to improve their overall health.