Dominant Black aka Black Seal English Bulldogs

Dominant Black English BulldogsThere Are At Least Three Genetic Variations Of Black English Bulldogs:
Dominant Black, Recessive Black & Black Tri
(Black Sable Is An Genetically Unknown)

Black Tri, and it’s many combinations (blue tri, chocolate tri, etc), is a variation of recessive black, with the addition of tan points.

Dominant Black, on the other hand, is a ‘dominant’ gene, meaning that there is no combination of colors (of the parents) to produce black offspring. A dominant black Bulldog, often times referred to as a Seal, can produce Black and Black & White offspring with any mate.

Recessive Black requires a specific pairing to produce Black offspring. Whether we’re discussing the very rare (in English Bulldogs) recessive black (DNA Profile a/a), or the addition of tan points (DNA Profile at/at), both parents must carry the gene to ever produce a variation of recessive black.

Our Black and White male, Seth, is actually a combination of both Dominant and Recessive Black, meaning he is not only capable of producing black puppies with any female, he also passes the addition of the recessive black gene to each of his offspring.

For more photos and information see Seth’s Stud Page.