Dominant And Recessive Black English Bulldogs

The Difference Between Dominant Black
and Recessive Black In English Bulldogs

Black & White Seal English Bulldog Stud

When it comes to Rare Color English Bulldogs, genetics are everything. And what makes these colors so rare, is that fact that, in most cases, the genes are recessive. This means that you must pair two recessive genes with the hopes of them coming together to produce the desired color.

Black Tri, for instance, requires that both Bulldogs either be Black Tri (at/at), or be carriers of the recessive black gene (Ay/at), to ever be able to produce this color. This is the case for most any rare color, including recessive black Bulldogs without the tan points (a/a).

However, dominant black, just as it sounds, is a dominant gene. This means that no other gene is needed to produce this rare color. A Dominant Black Bulldog can reproduce black puppies without the any combination of genetics needed.