English Bulldog Puppies: Stages Of Growth

Bulldog Puppy Development
Newborn English Bulldog Puppy

We have experienced the growth of many English Bulldog puppies over the years. This includes babies that we’ve adopted, those born and raised here at Bulldog Pros, as well as puppies that have been adopted from us, but have remained updated on their growth and progress.

I make this point to show that this covers the entire scope of the breed. From all different bloodlines, and from many different types of parents.

Over the years, we have seen a range of growth patterns, which typically reflect the overall size at maturity. From our experience, Bulldogs grow much like that of a large breed dog. If you have ever seen a Great Dane or Mastiff puppy at 6 to 9 months of age, then not see it again until 2 or 3 years of age, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

The transformation from puppies to adults can be amazing. While some will grow faster than others, many take up to 2 or more years to complete the stages of growth. Each Bulldog will grow differently, and go through many stages throughout the first few years.

However, to generalize what you can expect with your Bulldog puppy, we have put together the most common stages. Please remember that diet, exercise and supplements are very important throughout the life of your Bulldog, and can have a major impact on the proper growth and development in the first few years.

Newborns:Newborn English Bulldog Puppy

From birth to 3 weeks, English Bulldog puppies typically resemble an adorable rodent, with a flat, wrinkly face. The body wrinkles may be visible on their legs, and skin may seem a bit baggy on their body, but it still difficult to determine the true build of the puppy.

Three to Five Weeks:English Bulldog Puppy 3 Weeks

Puppies begin to take shape at 3 weeks of age, with the development of skin on their faces and increasingly on their bodies. Their builds become a bit more apparent as they begin to stand and walk, giving you a glimpse of their stance.

5 to 8 Weeks:
Chocolate English Bulldog Puppy

At around 5 weeks, they begin to look more like ‘puppies’. Their builds become more obvious and the skin and wrinkles really begin to develop. They being to fill-out as they transition from milk to dry food and complete the weaning process.

9 to 12 Weeks
Lilac Female At 9 Weeks

The first major growth spurt typically begins just after puppies arrive home at 8 to 9 weeks. You may begin to notice that their legs that look a bit long and thin. This is due to the fact that their legs are generally the first area of growth, in preparation for the weight that they will be maintaining throughout their lives.

Three to Seven Months
Bulldog Puppy Growth

At three months of age, they begin to put on more weight and the skin on their body will increase. With this, their heads may appear to be ‘too small for their bodies’, which is perfectly normal and usually only lasts a few months.

Seven to 12 Months: Dilutia 7 Months

Just about the time everything starts to come together at 6 months, the next growth spurt begins. Here again, you may see that their legs appear long and skinny for a month or two, and the entire process starts again.

12 to 18 Months:
Bulldog Pros Posh One Year

The frame of you puppy should now be at maturity. You should not see any increase in height or length, but now they will begin to grow in width as they ‘finish out’ to maturity.

Dilutia ~ Full Growth Cycle
7 Weeks To Maturity (1 1/2 Years)

Full Bulldog Growth Cycle