Is An English Bulldog Right For You?

English Bulldogs Can Make Great Companions
… With A Serious, Lifelong Commitment

White English Bulldog

If you’re considering adopting an English Bulldog as your next family member, it is important to understand that they truly are just that…a member of the family! They are not the type of dog that can be outside pets, living in a kennel, with very little time and attention given to them.

Bulldogs are incredibly sensitive, both emotionally and physically, so adopting one should be considered a serious commitment that you’ll make for the life of your dog. They need a lot of love and affection everyday, they cannot tolerate the heat and do not fair well in the cold either. All of these things, and much more, are reasons they should only be considered ‘inside dogs’.

Unfortunately, it seems that many people don’t understand this until after they have adopted one. It’s always heartbreaking to see a Bulldog being rehomed simply because the owner ‘doesn’t have the time’ for them anymore.

I’m not sure if the research on this breed simply wasn’t done prior to adoption, or, if it was, the information they read may not have highlighted the importance of the commitment required. The latter is definitely possible, as, being an owner of several English Bulldogs, I am baffled by much of the information I find online (although most of it seems to exaggerate the type of care required).

Brown Brindle English Bulldog PuppyThere seems to be an overwhelming amount of writings that are, well, inaccurate…at least as far as my experience goes. What’s most surprising is the way they are so generalized, as if every Bulldog is exactly alike! This, in itself, is far from the truth.

Of all of the breeds, these dogs have to be one with the most differences among them. From their totally different builds, coat color, size and weight, English Bulldogs can vary considerably just in appearance.

There can be just as many differences in health and temperament. The large amount of time and effort that is required is about the only thing that remains true…but even that varies with each dog.

Some will need very little skin and coat maintenance, but may need vitamins or special food to help with their digestion. Others may have no digestive issues at all, but need to have cream applied regularly due to skin allergies. Then there are those that need very little health-related maintenance, but require a large amount of time and attention for play and exercise.

Which leads me to my biggest concern I see with owning an English Bulldog. It’s very important to understand the limits of this breed, and never expect (or allow) too much from them.

Bulldogs are not an active breed, and do best in homes where they are allowed to remain fairly inactive for most of the day. So if you have a busy lifestyle, love to run and take long walks, and plan to have your dog join you, a more athletic breed may be a better fit.

So, What Is The Ideal Home For A Bulldog? English Bulldog Puppies

From my experience, this breed is best with families and single people that are home a fair amount of the time. They are amazing with children and most any other animals, especially when introduced as puppies.

Bulldogs can be incredibly entertaining with personalities like no other. They have unconditional love for their families and will do just about anything to make you happy.

Bred as companion dogs, they feel the need to be by your side at all times. They don’t understand why they can’t go with you every time you leave, which can lead to separation anxiety and poor behavior while you’re away. To avoid this, it is best to place them in their night crate when gone.

Overall, they will fit into most any situation where they will be properly cared for and shown regular love and affection. When adopting a puppy, many of the common health and maintenance concerns can be reduced or avoided by choosing a puppy from healthy parents.

Here at Bulldog Pros, we have nearly as many males as we do females, providing us the opportunity to combine the best, healthiest traits possible for each of our English Bulldog puppies, including rare colors. If you are not in the Missouri area (we are located in Mid Missouri, at the Lake of the Ozarks), there are breeders in every state that take the time to consider the best genetic pairing prior to breeding.

A little research can go along way in selecting and caring for an English Bulldog. By knowing what to expect, and choosing a healthy puppy, you can make the experience a good one for everyone…including your puppy.