Goals For Breeding

Our Breeding Goals:

Strong Genetics
We always focus on the best genetic pairings to produce
the healthiest traits possible for each of our puppies.

Starting with our straight-tail sire (Bo Dazzo), he has helped us to eliminate the common health issues that can occur with a tight corkscrew tail (bacteria, impaction and infections) in each of our Bulldog puppies.

Sable Fawn Tri Black Mask English Bulldog Stud

See More On Pairing/Breeding Policy Here.

~ Healthy Puppies
In addition to selecting the best possible traits and genetics to pass on to our puppies,
we take the vaccination and health treatment and preventatives very seriously.

We follow a strict schedule for vaccinations, de-worming, preventatives and vet checks.

Each of our puppies will have professional health screening before leaving our home. These screenings are performed just 24-48 hours prior to adoption, at which time a Certificate of Good Health is obtained.

All screenings and health certificates are completed by our own personal Veterinarian, one with many years of experience specifically with English Bulldogs.

~Social Puppies
We guarantee that each and every puppy that leaves our home will be happy and comfortable in any ‘human environment’.

Our puppies are raised in our great room from birth, until the day they are adopted. This allows for daily interaction with our family, as well as our dogs, for well adjusted puppies that will be happy to meet any and all members of their new families.

Dogue de Bordeaux French Mastiff Puppies



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