Helpful Resources / Articles About English Bulldogs

An Index Of Our Articles With Tips, Advice & Recommended Resources For English Bulldog Puppies & Adults

Each of the articles found below have been written by us, based on our own personal experience with our Bulldogs. There are likely multiple approaches to the issues we cover, but have found that the information we provide to work the best in our situation(s). 🙂

Before Adopting An English Bulldog
Adopting An English Bulldog Puppy

Is An English Bulldog Right For You?
Considerations prior to adopting an English Bulldog … puppy or adult.

What To Expect With A Bulldog
A true overview of the breed

A General Overview Of English Bulldogs
Our Perspective Of Bulldogs

Are You Ready For An English Bulldog Puppy?
What to expect when adopting a new puppy.

Preparing For Your New English Bulldog Puppy
How to prepare for your English Bulldog puppy before he/she comes home.

Looking For A Cheap English Bulldog Puppy
Considering the costs of a puppy

Before Adopting Your Puppy
Tips and advice to keep your puppy safe and healthy, beginning the moment you pickup your new puppy, and well into adulthood.

Adopting Adult English Bulldogs
Things to consider when adopting an adult Bulldog.


English Bulldog Health Topics
English Bulldog Health Tips

Signs & Symptoms Of Sick English Bulldog
A list of symptoms of sick Bulldogs, when to call a Vet, etc.

Exercise For Your English Bulldog
How much is enough…or too much?

English Bulldog Pet Insurance
With the increasing cost of Veterinarian care, pet insurance may be the answer.

What Is Cherry Eye?
Cherry eye is a common eye problem in English Bulldogs

Treatment For Cherry Eye
Drops, Gel & Eye Wash For Relieving Cherry Eye

The Dangers Of An Overweight Bulldog
Keeping your Bulldog at a healthy weight

Heartworm Prevention
Preventing these deadly parasites

De-Worming & Vaccination Schedules
When To De-Worm & Vaccinate Puppies


Training Your English Bulldog Puppy
Training English Bulldog

House Training Your Puppy
An overview of the method we use here at Bulldog Pros to begin the house training process.

House Training Program
A program specially designed for house training puppies and adult dogs of any age.

Litter Box Training?
It’s Possible! A alternative to outside training.

House Training Product
A great alternative to crates for your puppy during the house training process.

Free 6-Day Dog Training Course
Free course to help you train your English Bulldog.


Caring For Your English Bulldog
English Bulldog Puppy Raising

Giving Your English Bulldog A Bath
Learn how often you should bathe your English Bulldog, as well as the type of shampoo to use and other tips to help keep your Bulldog clean and healthy.

Face Care For English Bulldogs
Caring for your English Bulldogs face is very important to keep them healthy and looking their best.

Skin Allergies & Irritation In English Bulldogs
Learn the causes and treatments for skin allergies and irritation for your English Bulldog


General Bulldog Topics
English Bulldog Dogue Bordeaux Blog

Why Do Some English Bulldogs Look So Different?
Answer to the common question of the wide range of looks

What Is A MINI English Bulldog
Our thoughts on ‘minis’

Registering Your English Bulldog
All Bulldog Pros English Bulldog puppies are AKC registered, but what is the difference between the most popular registries.

Walking Your English Bulldog
Safety tips for walking your Bulldog

Exercise For Your English Bulldog
How much is enough…or too much?


Rare Color English Bulldog Information
Liam Black Tri Bulldog Stud

An Introduction To Breeding For Rare Color Bulldogs
Getting Started With Color

Are Blue English Bulldogs REALLY Blue?
Overview of Blue Bulldogs

What Is A TRI English Bulldog?
Variations Of Tri Color English Bulldogs

What Is A Chocolate English Bulldog?
Description of a Chocolate Bulldog

What Is A Platinum Bulldog?
 What A Platinum Really Is

What Is A Lilac Bulldog?
The Term Lilac Is Actually Just A Combination Of Colors

AKC Rare Color Codes For Registration
Registering Your Rare Color Bulldog

Merle English Bulldogs
See Our Seal Merle Male, Beta;
Or Our Friends At Rare Bulldogs For Tri Variations


Breeding English Bulldogs
Chocolate Triple Carrier English Bulldog

Breeding English Bulldogs: Getting Started
Learn the most important step to successfully breeding Bulldogs

Raising English Bulldog Puppies: From Start To Finish
From birth to adoption, we share the steps and experience

Choosing An English Bulldog Stud
Tips For Finding The Right Stud For Your Upcoming Breeding

How Does Stud Service Work?
A general overview and answers to common questions when it comes to using an outside stud.

The Importance Of A Pedigree When Breeding
Knowing The Bloodlines Is Very Important

Outcross Breeding … What Is It?
A Brief Overview Of Outcrossing

Recommended Semen Extender
10-Day Extender For Shipping Semen