Instructions For Using AndroPro ChillGuard LT 10 Day Semen Extender

Andro Pro LT 10 Day Semen ExtenderSuccessfully Shipping Semen

Preparing semen for shipping must be done correctly to provide your customer with the best chance of a successful breeding. The most important part of this process is properly mixing the semen with the extender.

The following instructions are for the use of AndroPRO ChillGuard LT, a 10-day extender, recommended for shipped semen. (Each manufacturer has different recommendations regarding this process, so please do your research before using other brands.)

  1. Collect:
    When using the AndroPro LT extender, you will use only the white, semen-rich portion of the collection, which generally occurs during the first 60 seconds or less. The LT extender will replace the ‘clear’, wash-out fluid that follows the semen-rich concentrate.
  2. Measure:
    Determine the amount of semen collected, then warm 5 times that amount of extender to body temperature. This is easily done by placing the bottle of extender in your pocket during the following step.
  3. Evaluate:
    Once the semen is collected, and extender is being warmed, evaluate the semen for concentration and motility. If the concentration of the semen is relatively low, you will use 1 part semen to 3 parts extender. If a higher concentration is seen, you will use 5 parts extender to 1 part semen.
  4. Prep:
    Once mixed, you will then refrigerate the extended semen for 2 hours prior to packaging. Recheck motility after refrigeration to confirm semen and extender are compatible before shipping.
  5. Package:
    Carefully follow the directions provided with your Shipping Kit to ensure proper packaging.

For More Information on this 10 Day Extender, please see the AndroPRO product page; or purchase here.