What Is A Lilac English Bulldog

Is Lilac A Color?

Dark Lilac Tri Female English Bulldog Puppy

Lilac Tri Female, Produced By Bulldog Pros Silas & Dilutia

There are three types of Lilac English Bulldogs, all with the same genetic base. However, there is no unique gene for Lilac.

The genetics for ‘Lilac’ is simply a combination of chocolate and blue, resulting in DNA results of bb/dd. This means that they are BOTH Chocolate AND Blue.

Lilac Fawn is the most common variation of this combination, as it only requires two of the same genes to come together. The other two variations require an additional combination of black; either Tri or Seal.

Lilac Tri means that their DNA is also at/at (Black Tri); and the genetics for a Lilac Seal is bb/dd KB/n.

Therefore, in order to produce Lilac, you must bring chocolate and blue together with the hopes of the combination coming together, making this an extremely rare color. As you attempt to combine the addition of black (tri or seal), the likeliness of producing these types of puppies becomes an even more difficult accomplishment.