About Bulldog Pros

 We Began Raising English Bulldog Puppies In Early 2012,
Not Long After The Loss Of One Of Our Young Male Bulldogs
(At Less Than 3 Years Of Age) Due To Poor Health.
Bulldog Pros Petunia and Babiro

From The Start

Although we have had Bulldogs as part of our family for years, we had never considered breeding prior to the loss of one of our young adult English Bulldogs, simply due to poor health. And once we began to look into the breeding process, it sounded very intimidating and harder than we ever would have imagined (but not nearly as hard as it actually is)!

But, we had a goal…and that goal was to do what we could to provide a healthier option of English Bulldog puppies for our family, as well as other families looking to adopt a Bulldog puppy. We wanted to prevent more experiences like our own by producing puppies that could breathe well, walk correctly, avoid the pain and discomfort caused by inverted corkscrew tails, and overall, just be able to be comfortable and healthy throughout their lives.

We had dealt with a range of issues over the years with our Bulldogs prior to breeding, and were well aware of the common problems. We felt that by simply breeding responsibly, we could reduce, or in some cases even eliminate, a majority of the common problems that affect the breed.

So, we began building a foundation that focused on the most important traits needed for healthy puppies. Our first step was to adopt a young male (Bo Dazzo) that was a strong breather, with nice, strong legs and a perfect, straight tail.

AKC English Bulldog Stud
The straight tail was important to pass on to our puppies in order to eliminate impaction and infection (common with tight corkscrew tails) and breathing was a huge factor, as healthy breathing increases both the quality and length of the life of a Bulldog.

From here, we slowly added to the Bulldog Pros family, adding various traits to produce the quality of puppies that we, ourselves, had been looking for.

Black Tri English Bulldog StudAnd with our most recent addition of our rare colors, Liam, our black tri; and Silas, our chocolate triple carrier; we were very careful to select only the healthiest of boys! We personally made the drive all the way to Virginia for Liam, and another trip to Tennessee for Silas, to bring these boys back to Missouri!

But even after careful consideration with each addition to the family, we still spend a great deal of time planning for each breeding. A range of factors must be considered to ensure proper pairing … which is one reason we have almost as many male Bulldogs as we do females!

And after all of that, once the babies arrive, a much larger amount of time is spent caring for each of them for their first 8 weeks…See Our Raising Our Puppies Page for information on our puppy-raising process.
Dogue de Bordeaux French Mastiff Puppies


Availability Of Our Puppies
Being a small, in-home breeder of Bulldogs, we are able to offer only a limited number of puppies for adoption each year.

Planning for each breeding, raising newborn puppies and preparing each of them for their new homes requires a great deal of time. So for us (and our puppies), it’s best to be able to focus our attention on one litter at a time.

However, we always have a waiting list available to those wanting adopt a Bulldog Pros puppy. For more information, please feel free to call us at 573-873-4293.

Our Location
We are located in Mid Missouri at the Lake of the Ozarks, just a few hours drive from either
St. Louis or Kansas City, Mo.; and about an hour from Springfield or Columbia, Missouri.
Lake of the Ozarks Missouri Map Bulldog Pros Location


Interested In A Bulldog Pros Puppy?
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