New English Bulldog Breeders

Breeding English BulldogsGetting Started As An English Bulldog Breeder: Professional Support For Beginning Breeders

While our main focus is on raising English Bulldog puppies for pet homes, we occasionally offer puppies with Full AKC registration, allowing their new families to enjoy raising puppies (or offer stud service) in the future. While not ever litter will offer a puppy qualified for Full AKC, some can produce as many as two to three Full AKC qualifying puppies.

In addition to our current puppies, we occasionally offer older puppies with Full AKC, and breeding age adults, to those just getting started raising English Bulldogs. We also have a network of breeders that offer adults, and even small breeding groups, from time-to-time.

Breeding English Bulldog PuppiesWhether you are just getting started, or expanding your bloodlines, we can assist you in finding the right addition to your breeding family. We are also happy to help with the entire breeding process, by providing advice for the appropriate pre-breeding testing, insemination methods, scheduling C-sections and even support when finding new homes and placing your puppies.

Raising English Bulldog puppies for the first time comes with many responsibilities. Once you become part of the Bulldog Pros family, through the adoption of a puppy or adult, we will be available to walk you through the necessary steps of de-worming treatments and vaccinations, guide you through the testing process for rare color genetics (when breeding rare color and color carrier Bulldogs), and help you anytime you are faced with the terrifying situation of a sick puppy.

These are things that, as experienced breeders, we have learned through the years, raising our own puppies. And while these are the obvious situations that you’ll be faced with, there are many other less obvious steps that have to be completed when raising puppies, and again, we’ll be there to help you through it all.

For more information on getting started with a breeding quality puppy or adult, please feel free to call us at 573-873-4293.