AKC Registration For Your Bulldog Pros Puppy

AKC Registration Of Bulldog Pros PuppiesObtaining AKC Registration For Bulldog Pros Puppies

In most cases, our English Bulldog puppies area adopted into pet homes, in which registration is not provided. We do, however, provide proof of AKC registration of both parents, to ensure that puppies are purebred Bulldogs.

With our primary goal being to provide healthy, beautiful pets, our puppies are generally adopted without the need for registration. In the event that an adopter is interested in showing or breeding a Bulldog Pros puppy in the future, we may consider assigning Full AKC Registration on select puppies.

The qualification process is completed by working closely with our Veterinarian, with in-depth testing and exams; as well as from our own personal opinion, based on years of experience with English Bulldogs. While we do our very best to determine the likeliness of quality, we can never guarantee that a puppy will mature into a capable breeder and/or show dog.

We make every attempt to complete the qualification process by 6 weeks of age, to allow time to make a choice from the available puppies offered with Full AKC. The order of reservation determines first, second, etc., choice of puppies.

The investment for this option is slightly higher than with pet-status puppies, and is based on each individual puppy. The additional cost starts at just $295, but can sometimes be as much as double the pet registration.

Offering Full AKC registration is something we take very seriously. With the growing trend of full litters of Bulldog puppies being granted full AKC registration, regardless of health, build and quality, more and more puppies will in-turn be produced with genetic problems and less than desirable looks.

With that, we are committed to offering only the very best of our puppies for possible breeding and/or show. This is not to say that the puppies we offer with ‘pet-only’ status are not perfectly healthy, beautiful babies, it’s likely that the ‘imperfections’ are something as minor as slightly high-set ears, imperfect tails, or any other undesirable issue that could result in less-than-perfect puppies when bred or disqualifications from showing.

In the instance that an issue is ever discovered, minor or major, this would be fully disclosed prior to adoption. To date, each of our puppies have passed their 6-8 week, pre-adoption, puppy exams with no health issues or concerns.

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