October 2012 Puppies

Our October puppies were born on the 26th, with two adorable babies, one boy and one girl.

Our little boy, Carter,¬†now lives in the St. Louis, MO area and the little girl is now a part of the Bulldog Pros family. Being bottle fed from birth, it was very hard to part with one of them, let alone both…so Babiro stayed with me! ūüôā

Babiro, a red and white tri, as a newborn.Red female bulldog puppy

Carter, a fawn tri, as a newborn.Newborn English Bulldog Puppy











Babiro and Carter at just under 4 weeks.Male & Female Bulldog Puppies 4 weeks

Carter at 6 MonthsFawn Tri

Babs At 4 MonthsRed Tri