Our Breeding / Pairing Policy

Considering Genetics Is The Most Important
Step When Breeding English Bulldogs

Pairing English Bulldogs For Puppies

Here at Bulldog Pros, the pairing of our English Bulldogs is taken very seriously with each and every breeding. There are many factors that must be taken into account prior to each breeding to ensure that our babies have the strongest genetics possible.

This includes considering the most desirable traits, as well features that may be less-than-desirable, that may be passed on to puppies. It also requires that we know as much as possible about each of our (breeding) Bulldogs. Not only their current health and physical appearance, but also the ancestors of each Bulldog, and possible problematic traits that may have been passed to each of them, whether apparent to the eye or not.

In-depth research into the pedigrees is done to get the best understanding about each the Bulldogs that we breed. We have to look for things such as duplicate names in the pedigree (as a result of line- or inbreeding), dogs produced in our local area (to ensure we are not duplicating names ourselves), coloring, etc.

This is important for a number of reasons. As mentioned above, our policy is to never inbreed our dogs. This means knowing every one of our pedigrees to avoid breeding too-close relatives in the lineage…and one of the reasons our Bulldogs have been adopted from many different areas of the country, as well as some with recent-import bloodlines, on one or both sides.

While we don’t focus primarily on ‘Champion’ bloodlines, or specifically ‘Import’ bloodlines, or even ‘Rare Color’ bloodlines, we do focus on the best combination of the three to ensure the best possible genetics for our puppies. We do our best to pair our Bulldogs in a way that will produce healthy, great looking babies, without repeating names or focusing to much on what our pedigrees will look like as a result of the pairing.

By no means am I saying that breeders shouldn’t focus on just one type of bloodlines. Actually, I think it’s obvious that anyone breeding Bulldogs that are specifically meant for show, may focus on the champion lines; and anyone breeding strictly for rare color also needs to consider the lineage as well.

However, our goal for breeding is fairly simple in that we breed for future family members that are healthy, well-built babies, in a variety of colors.

For more information on our next planned breeding, or our current puppies, please feel free to give us a call at 573-873-4293, or visit our Available Puppies page.