Pre-Training For Our Puppies

Every Bulldog Pros Puppy Begins Pre-Training For
 House & Crate Training, As Well As Name Recognition
House Training Bulldog Puppies

House Training

Our house training process begins at  a very early age, with the use of a small tray placed in their second-stage playpen. They then advance to the use of a Pet Training Tray, located near the backdoor, as the next step to learning to use a designated area. The final transition is moving outdoors, to a small area off of our covered patio.

And while we will never claim that any of our puppies fully house trained by 8 weeks, we do guarantee that each of them have been worked with on a daily basis for several weeks. The pre-training that we provide helps them to understand that there are specific areas to potty…and areas they should not. This is a major part of the training process, as using a specific area (outside) is the ultimate goal of house training.

We do our best to make it easier for each of our adopting families to begin fully house training their puppies in much less time. With our puppies beginning to understand that they are expected to use a designated area, they will simply need to be taught where that (outside) area is.

Name Recognition

We begin teaching puppies their names’ immediately upon our adopting families providing us with it. Each time we interact with the puppies, they are called by name. By six weeks of age, during playtime and eating, we repeat their name multiple times each day.

This helps their new families interact with their puppy by making them respond quickly and easily once at their new homes.

Crate Training

Crate training is also important for a Bulldog puppy. As many families discover the need to crate their Bulldogs at night and when away (to avoid destructive and potentially dangerous chewing), we begin the process by allowing them to play for a short amount of time in their crate. We make the experience enjoyable by pairing them for the first few days, and then adding toys and their bed when placed alone.

A few days prior to going home, we begin placing the puppies in their crate/porter that they will be taking home with them. This allows them to become familiar with their own crate and feel relaxed and safe when placed in it.


Basic Grooming

Our puppies are introduced to bathing, blow dryers and nail trimming at a very early age. Nails are clipped at least weekly, beginning at less than a week of age and baths are given regularly.

Once the weaning process begins, each puppy is bathed and dried using a blow dryer, at least three times each day. This is a big help for future bath time for your puppy, helping them to remain calm throughout the entire process.