Our Past/Adopted Puppies

A Timeline Of Bulldog Pros Puppies

Since beginning breeding in early 2012, Bulldog Pros has produced just a small number of English Bulldog and Dogue de Bordeaux / French Mastiff puppies.

Sable Tri Newborn English Bulldog

Following is a timeline of the Bulldog Pros litter dates, sizes and info on each puppy, each with links to pictures and more information.


July 10, 2012 – Our Very First Puppies Are Born

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Fawn Tri Female From Our First Litter

Our very first litter of English Bulldog puppies were born July 10, 2012. We had three beautiful babies, two females and one male. See our July 2012 litter here.


August 2012 (Acquired Newborn Puppies)
On August 1, 2012, special circumstances allowed us to acquire two Dogue de Bordeaux / French Mastiff puppies that were approximately one week of age. We raised these babies and found them the best homes, with one now living in Kansas City, MO and the other making her home in the St. Louis, MO area.

These puppies can be seen on our Dogue de Bordeaux / French Mastiff page.


September 2012 ~ 9 Bulldog Puppies
Our next babies arrived just two months later, in September 2012. This litter was much larger, with a total of 9 puppies (5 girls and 4 boys). This was a very exciting time for Bulldog Pros! See our Sept. 2012 litter here.


October 2012
We finished 2012 with just one more litter, born in October 2012. This time was a much smaller, with just one boy and one girl. See our Oct. 2012 babies here.

Bo Dazzo was the daddy of the year in
2012 with our English Bulldog puppies.

Sable Fawn Tri


January 2013
We began 2013 with our first litter of Dogue de Bordeaux /French Mastiff babies, born January 26. There were a total of 11 puppies, with 9 males and 2 females. This litter was sired by Bulldog Pros Sam. See baby pictures and updates for the Jan. 2013 Bordeaux puppies here.

Red Mask Dogue de Boreaux French Mastiff Stud


March 2013
March 17, 2013, brought 2 new puppies. Two beautiful boys, Hurley, a light sable fawn; and Norm, a fawn brindle.  Both boys were adopted by families in Columbia, Missouri, and can be seen on our March 2013 Puppies page.


July 2013
Our current available puppies is yet another small litter of 2, with one male and one female. These puppies were born June 8, 2013, and are sired by our gorgeous Black Tri, Liam! They will be ready for their new homes August 3, 2013, and can be found on our Available Puppies page.