Probiotics: Miracle Chew For English Bulldogs

Probiotics For BulldogsProbiotics Chews Are Highly Recommended For Anyone With English Bulldogs

One of the most highly recommended supplements that we use for our English Bulldogs are Probiotic chews. This is the best way to support your Bulldogs digestion and provide a healthy appetite.
With occasional diarrhea, gas and upset stomachs being a common issue, these are a must-have for anyone with Bulldogs, both puppies or adults.
The Probiotic that we use and offer is gluten-, grain- and soy-free, so they are good for their bellies. They also have a great flavor, so they think they are getting a treat everyday!
You can find these Probiotic chews at pet supply stores, or directly through us, at just $23.95. FREE USPS Priority shipping is included, with orders processed within 24 hours.

This provides a 60 day supply for Bulldog puppies and smaller adults;
or a 30-day supply with larger adults.