Referral Refunds & Discounts

$100 Refund / Credit For Every Referral … Forever!

$100 Referral Bonus For Bulldog Puppies Referrals

At Bulldog Pros, we appreciate each and every referral we receive!! And to show our appreciation, we offer a $100 refund to our puppy parents for every referral you send our way.

Not only do we offer $100 refunds for our past adopters, we also offer a $100 discount to the new referred family! Referral payments can be applied as credit prior to adoption, if a current reserve deposit is placed, or in the form of a refund (on previous adoption fees) at any time after your adoption.

We also offer significant discounts on each additional puppy you add to your family. Once you have adopted a Bulldog Pros puppy, you’ll never pay full adoption fees again!