Registering Your Bulldog Pros Puppy

Each Of Our English Bulldogs Are Registered
With The AKC, Or American Kennel Club.

Female Black Tri Carrier

AKC registration applications are provided at the time of adoption, and are included with the documents in your puppy pack. Registering your puppy is as easy as logging on to, and completing the online application; or filling the application out by hand and mailing it to the AKC.

Typically, our puppies are released with Limited AKC Registration, with the option to upgrade to Full AKC (for breeding quality puppies only).

What Is The Difference Between Full And Limited AKC?

Limited AKC Registration
Limited, aka Pet AKC, simply means that your Bulldog can be registered with the AKC as a purebred (English) Bulldog, but any puppies produced from breeding will not be recognized by the AKC. Most reputable breeders use this as a way to discourage future breeding of a Bulldog that they do not considered to be breeding quality.

Full AKC Registration
Full AKC registration is granted to adopters with an interest, or at least considering the possibility, of breeding. This allows any puppies produced from future breeding to be registered with the AKC, given that the breeding is completed with two AKC registered Bulldogs.