September 2012 English Bulldog Puppies

Our September 2012 Litter Of 9 English Bulldog Puppies

 5 Puppies Adopted By Families In The St. Louis Area
2 Now Live In Kansas City & 2 In Illinois
Thank You & Congrats To All Of Our Adopting Families!!

~ Baby Pictures & Updates, Provided By Our Puppy Parents, Below ~

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Female English Bulldog Puppy

Bella ~ One of our St. Louis, MO babies at 6 months (March, 2013).

Male Bulldog Puppy

Ray, another St. Louis, Missouri baby, at 4 months (Feb. 2013).

Pied Female Bulldog Pupy

Nala, the only pied puppy in the litter, now lives in St. Louis, Mo.

st louis puppies

Ace and Louise (previously Nylaa) were adopted into the same family and now live in St. Louis, Mo.

Baby Pictures

Gertie and DougGertie & Doug both now live in the Kansas City, Missouri area.

Daisy and Ace

Daisy now lives with her new family in Illinois; and Ace (now Jefferson) has made his home in
St. Louis, Missouri with his sister Louise (previously Nylaa).

Ray and Nala

Ray and Nala both found homes in the St. Louis, Missouri area too!

Thor and Bella

Thor now lives in Illinois; and Bella in St. Louis, Missouri.

Red Fawn English Bulldog Puppies St. Louis

Nylaa (Now Louise) Lives With Her Brother, Ace, In St. Louis, Missouri

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