Tri English Bulldogs … Black, Blue, Chocolate & Lilac Tri

What Is A Tri Colored English Bulldog?
Black Tri Blue Carrier AKC English Bulldog Stud Service

The term Tri, when used to describe the coloring of an English Bulldog, refers to the fairly rare three-color pattern, shown above on Liam. It is a very distinct pattern that shows ‘points’ of a third color, on an otherwise two-color (Bi), in specific locations on the Bulldog.

These points are normally light fawn, to deep golden brown, and are found just above the eyes, on the cheeks, both side of the upper chest, as well as on the inner, front area of each leg. They can be solid or brindle and can sometimes be covered by white, a more dominant pigment.

Black Tri is the most common of this rare color pattern, but there are actually three other variations. This includes Blue Tri, Chocolate, and now even Lilac Tri Bulldogs, however, all are variations of Black Tri.

Blue is simply a ‘diluted’ form of Black, Chocolate is the addition of Brown pigment to the Black and Lilac is a combination of Blue and Chocolate.

Tri Bulldogs can be found almost entirely full coated, with only a small amount of white; to a more piebald pattern, with the majority of the coat being white, with small spots or patches of black, blue, chocolate or lilac.

One of our most recent Black Tri puppies shows the piebald variation of Tri.
Black Tri Piebald English Bulldog

There are also some that are nearly half-and-half, as seen in Cavo, our Chocolate Tri, and Dilutia, our Blue Tri.

Cavo Chocolat Tri and Dilutia Blue Tri

Both are very good examples of Bulldogs with a nearly half-and-half coloration. You can still see the points of color above their eyes and on their cheeks, however, some of the points are ‘hidden’ by white. You’ll also notice the brown pigmentation of Cavo’s coat, from the combination of Chocolate and Black Tri genetics that he displays; and the lighter, blue pigment of Dilutia, caused by her blue genetics, which dilutes her coat from Black to a lighter gray or ‘blue’.

Another of our recent puppies, a Blue Tri, shows the full coat coloration.
Blue Tri Male Puppy at 10 Days

As you can see, there are many variations of the actual base color of Black Tri. From a single combination of Blue or Chocolate to the very rare combination of all three, to produce Lilac Tri, as well as the patterns you will find.

For general information on breeding rare color English Bulldogs, please visit our Introduction To Color page.