Upcoming English Bulldog Puppies For 2017

Our Upcoming 2017 AKC
English Bulldog Puppies

Beta & Echo Puppies ~ April 2017

Black Seal, Seal Merle & Standards Expected!

For More Information On Our Upcoming
Puppies, Feel Free To Call Us At 573-873-4293.

Winnie ~ June 2017
Blue Merle Puppies

Winnie Is A Very Nice Blue Fawn,
Triple Carrier, Female That Will
Be Bred In April 2017!

For More Information On Our Upcoming
Puppies, Feel Free To Call Us At 573-873-4293.


We Are Expecting ALL Colors Throughout 2017,
Including Chocolate, Blue, Black & Lilac Tri,
As Well As Standard Brindle, Sable & More!!

Chocolate Blue Lilac Tri English Bulldog Puppies
Low Reserve Deposits & Flexible
Payment Options Are Available!

Feel Free To Call Us At 573-873-4293 For More
Information On Our Reservation Process.


All Of Our Puppies Are Raised In Our Home &
Receive All Possible Health Treatments &
Preventatives, As Well As Health-Verification
By Our Veterinarian, Prior To Adoption.

Home Raised English Bulldog Puppies
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Puppies In A Full Range Of Colors
Coming In 2016, With Reserve Deposits
And Flexible Payment Options Available!


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About Our Puppies:

With Each And Every Litter Of English Bulldog Puppies That We Raise, Healthy, Low-Maintenance Puppies Are Always Top Priority. Our Biggest Accomplishment Is Producing Puppies With Strong, Clear Breathing; Nice, Correct Tails (To Avoid Any Risk Of Impaction/Infection); & Overall, The Best Genetics Possible For Long, Comfortable Lives.

We Take Their Health Very Seriously. After Having English Bulldogs As Part Of Our Family For Years, And Dealing With What Seemed Like One Health Issue After Another, We Began Breeding Specifically To Reduce, And In Some Cases Even Eliminate, The Common Health Issues That Can Affect The Breed.

Each Of Our Bulldogs (That Produce Puppies) Have The Most Desirable Traits Possible. The Pairing For Each Breeding Is Carefully Considered To Bring Together The Best Combination Of Healthy Traits, Without Compromising The Desired Look Of A Bulldog.

Prior To Breeding, Our Adult Bulldogs Are Thoroughly Health-Checked To Ensure That They Are Free Of Any Joint Issues (Including Loose Hips, Knees, Etc.), Potential Breathing Problems, Or Other Undesirable Traits That Could Be Passed On To The Puppies.

Our Puppies Are Also Thoroughly Examined By Our Veterinarian, To Check For Heart Murmurs, Loose Joints, Problem Throats That Could Impair Breathing, And Verify That Each Puppy Is In Overall Good Health, Prior To Adoption… With EVERY Puppy That We Have Produced Receiving Perfect Health Verification!

A Few Of Our Past Puppies 🙂 Bulldog Pros English Bulldog Puppies Missouri

Please Feel Free To Call Us With
Any Questions At 573-873-4293

We Are Available Everyday From 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. CST.

Waiting Lists Have Now Been Started For Each Of Our Upcoming Litters
Reserve Deposit Are Available & We’re Always Happy To Work Out Payment Arrangements