What Is A Blue English Bulldog?

Of The Rare Color English Bulldogs, BLUE Can Sometimes Be The Most Difficult To Recognize

Bulldog Pros Blue Tri Triple Carrier English Bulldog Dilutia

Spotting a Blue English Bulldog can sometimes be difficult, especially if they already have a lighter coat, such as fawn, some brindles and especially if they are primarily white. The exception to this is seen in what would otherwise be a black Bulldog, which lightens the coat to a gray blue color.

So, what exactly is a Blue English Bulldog? Well, the term Blue actually refers to a gene that causes the true color of an English Bulldog to be ‘diluted’. So, if a fawn and white bulldog is ‘Blue’, it really is just a lighter variation of fawn.

In any color other than black, the most obvious traits will be that the black pigment (in their nose, lips, etc.), will be a lighter, blue color. But this can vary tremendously! Some genetically ‘blue’ English Bulldogs will have very dark blue noses, such as our male U-Blue, and our blue platinum girl, Lavia (see photos below).

In others, the nose may be lightened to the point that it is very light gray, as seen in our Blue tri, Dilutia (her photo is below as well). Blue fawn English Bulldogs seem to also have very light pigment in their noses.

The genetics for Blue, as far as DNA testing is concerned, is coded with the letter d, for dilute, or dilution. The use of two large D’s (DD) references a Bulldog that is not Blue (first letter) and does not carry blue (second large D).

When a large D, and small d, are used in sequence together, this means that the Bulldog is not blue, but carries the blue gene (d). However, two small d’s (dd), are used when a Bulldog is in fact, ‘Blue’.

Here at Bulldog Pros, we currently have three Blue English Bulldogs as part of our family.
Following is a reference to show the wide variations of blue:

Lavia ~ Blue Platinum (Entirely White) Female
Blue Platinum English Bulldog Lavia
Dilutia ~ Blue Tri Female
Blue Tri Triple Carrier Female AKC English Bulldog

Tinum ~ Blue Platinum Male
Blue Platinum Triple Carrier English Bulldog Stud