Why Register Your Puppy?: Benefits Of AKC Registration

Why You Should Register Your New Puppy

Blue English Bulldog Chocolate Black Tri CarrierAll Bulldog Pros English Bulldogs are registered with the American Kennel Club, known as the AKC. This is necessary not only to provide proof of ownership, but also verification of purebred bloodlines of each of our dogs.

It is also required to obtain the appropriate registration for each of our puppies. This allows our adopting families to receive these benefits as well.

Registering your puppy should be done right away to receive the lowest registration fees and avoid any late charges. Dates are provided on the application as to when late fees begin.

Registration is also necessary to obtain a pedigree, which documents the ancestry of your puppy. Pedigrees provide you with the names, color and markings, as well as any champions in their background.

To participate in the AKC shows, a certificate of registration (in most cases) will be needed. Being registered with the AKC also provides discounts and access to many products and services for you Bulldog.

If breeding is in the future for your puppy, registration is an absolute must. This shows anyone interested in adopting one of your puppies that you are serious about breeding and offer quality puppies by maintaining purebred bloodlines.

For more information, visit the AKC website at AKC.org.