The Boys Are Beautiful … But Why So Many?

How Many Males Do We NEED?!
Rare Blue Chocolate Lilac Producing English Bulldog Studs

It’s obvious that we are ‘heavy’ on our male English Bulldogs, especially considering the small number of breeding females that make up the Bulldog Pros family. However, there is an explanation for this. 🙂

Having a long-term goal of creating a line of rare color English Bulldogs, that we believe balances these unique colors with the true standards of the breed, the foundation to build upon is very important. With this, we have gradually introduced each of the rare colors, all with different traits and bloodlines.

This allows us to bring together a mix of the best possible genetics with each and every breeding. A much needed process to pull a specific trait from one line to blend into another, with the end result being the best in overall health and desired appearance for our English Bulldog puppies.

By continuing to breed with our ‘standard’ color females, we are able to produce puppies that not only carry the rare color genetics, but that are also unrelated to the rare color bloodlines. However, careful planning of each pairing is critical to this process.

Knowing the pedigrees, and more importantly, the characteristics of the Bulldogs in the pedigree, must be considered. The physical appearance of a particular Bulldog may not be the result when paired with another that shares weaknesses or undesired traits that can be found just one generation back.

With this, our boys were acquired only after thorough research, and each with a very specific goal in mind.

Silas was added following the adoption of Lavia, our Blue Platinum female with Peruvian Import Lines, to combine the best in rare color (Rocky, Smurf, etc.) with her uncommon color lines.

Silas Chocolate Triple Lavia Blue Platinum

And not only do the boys allow us to combine their genetics with our current females, they also allow us to cross and blend the lines of our future generations. By doing this, we can create a specific combination of genes needed to produce puppies that are consistent in both looks and health.

For more, detailed information on each of our boys, please visit The Studs Of Bulldog Pros.