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History suggests that the Bulldog had its origin in England. The name “bull” was given because of the dog’s use in bull-baiting and dog-fighting sports activities. You may see a bulldog today and notice a difference in appearance and temperament from earlier descent of the breed. The bulldogs today may seem more gentle and stable, and loving.

Great Companions

Bulldogs are a breed of loving, friendly, and affectionate dogs. Even though it make take time for them to settle into a new home, they’ll get along well with others and aren’t much of a big barker when around other dogs.

Training and Learning

Though they might be a bit hard-headed, if you take your time and constantly keep teaching them how things are done, they’ll get it. Don’t be too hard on them; they’ll take it to heart if you scold them.

Play Time

Bulldogs love toys. Plan on getting lots of toys for them because they love ripping through them with their powerful bite. Avoid toys that might cause them to choke.


Kids and Bulldogs go great together. Bulldogs are very playful, loving, loyal, and adapt greatly. But of course, make sure children are taught how to play with any kind of pet.

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