Calming Dog Beds: All Hype or Not?

Calming Dog Beds

Are calming dog beds all hype or not? In this blog, we’ll be exploring this question from different angles. We’ll look at how calming dog beds, aka anti-anxiety beds, work, what to consider when selecting a bed, and the best ways to use calming dog beds to calm your pet. So whether you’re curious about calming dog beds or just looking for advice on how to choose the best one for your pup, read on.

What Are Calming Beds

Calming beds are used to reduce a dog’s feelings of anxiety or stress. They were created to soothe, comfort, and support dogs by using specific materials conducive to calming.

Maybe your dog gets anxious during storms, fireworks, in the company of strangers, being separated from family, or some other event. A calming bed is made to be beneficial in giving anxious dogs a needed sense of safety and security.

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How Do Calming Dog Beds Work?

These beds provide a sense of calm and security for your dog, helping to reduce anxiety and stress levels and can also improve sleep quality.

Anti-anxiety beds come in different styles, shapes, and sizes, making them perfect for almost any type or size of dog.

Do Calming Beds Work?

There’s a lot of hype surrounding dog beds that are marketed as “calming.” But does the hype hold water?

When it comes to the effectiveness of calming dog beds, opinions are as divided.

Some people say these beds are nothing more than a waste of money and dogs don’t need them. Others swear by them and say they’re one of the best things a dog can have – giving their pet a sense of security and comfort.

There are claims that calming beds work best in conjunction with other methods of calming.

If you find the bed doesn’t do the trick, be sure to talk to your vet about your dog’s anxiety to ensure that you’re doing everything necessary to calm your anxious dog.

So if you’re looking for a way to help your pet relax and get some rest, calming dog beds could be the solution.

Benefits of a Calming Bed

Calming beds may help those pets who show signs of anxiety by providing a sense of comfort and safety, which can alleviate some anxiety symptoms.

Some ways anxiety can be displayed is with such behavior as restlessness, barking, hiding, shivering when not being held, excessive jumping, burrowing, and panting due to nerves.

Calming dog beds offer numerous benefits for both you and your pet. Some of the main reasons to invest in a calming bed include the following:

Reduce Anxiety and Stress:

A calming bed will provide your furry friend with a safe and comfortable place to rest, which can help reduce their anxiety levels.

Enhanced Sleep Quality?

A calm environment is key for good sleep, so providing your dog with a calming bed will help them get more restful sleep.

Reduction In Accidents:

When dogs are stressed out or anxious, they may be more prone to getting up during the night, which can lead to accidents in the house. A calming bed will help them get a good night’s sleep and reduce these occurrences.

What To Look For In A Calming Dog Bed

There are many different types of calming dog beds on the market, so deciding which is best suited for your pet’s needs can be difficult. Above all, make sure it is comfortable and durable for your pet.

A few options to consider before making a final decision on a bed are discussed below:


The most important thing to consider is your pet’s size and weight.

When it comes to dog beds, size definitely matters. You don’t want your pet spending hours lying on a bed that is too small or too large, which can lead to discomfort and even health problems.

The bed should be large enough for your pet to move freely without feeling cramped.

Consider width and depth – this will determine how much space there is around your pet’s body and whether they have enough room to move around. Remember to account for their tail!

Also, choose the right height for your pup’s bed – he needs to be able to climb into it.


If your dog tends to curl up in a ball, then a round bed will suit him best.

Rectangular beds are best for dogs that have broad chests and thin stomachs.

Raised Edges

Raised edges provide head and neck support, as well as relieving joint and muscle pain.


A hooded bed has a cave-like look allowing dogs to hide or burrow and has added warmth and a cuddling effect.


Check out materials used to ensure the bed is durable and safe – materials like PVC should be avoided.


Beds that are machine-washable and dirt resistant are relatively easy to keep clean.

Some calming dog beds come with a zippered removable cover that can be removed for cleaning.

Following the manufacturer’s instructions, hand wash it regularly with a pet detergent or machine wash on cold water – this will remove any dirt or oils that might cause irritation or bad smells.

Waterproof Lining

For puppies and senior dogs, look for a bed with a waterproof lining so cleaning up accidents is simpler, giving your dog a comfortable and dry place to rest.


Not all dog beds are designed to be resistant to odors, but there are some.

Anti-bacterial faux fur bed covers are a good option since they help to repel odors.

Non-Slip Bottom

Having a non skid bottom will help the bed stay in place and help it not slide when your pup is getting on and off of it.

Types of Calming Beds

Choosing the right calming pet bed can be a daunting task because so many options are available on the market. 


Bolsters feature a raised edge or bolster on three sides. They offer a simple entrance, a side to rest against, and a headrest, which is ideal for larger dogs.

Cave or Hooded Style

Before dogs became pets, they were den animals who sought protection in caves or under overhangs. That instinctual behavior has carried through to the dogs of today. A cave, den, or hooded bed speaks to this behavior by giving them a similar space to feel that security.

Donut Style

Ideal for a dog that likes to curl up while sleeping. As the name implies, a calming donut dog bed is round, and the enclosed cuddle-up area makes them feel secure and has a calming effect.


Orthopedic beds usually have memory foam as the stuffing. These types of beds are good for dogs that are older or have joint issues.


Self-warming beds are made of materials that retain your pup’s body heat keeping them warm and cozy.


Besides calming beds, what other ways can I help calm down my anxious dog?

There are a few other things that you can try to help calm down your anxious dog. 

Calming treats may work well for your dog. 

Schedule regular playtime outside. 

Calming shampoo.

Use a noise machine to create an ambient noise level in the house. This will help to calm your dog down by occupying their senses and distracting them from anxious thoughts.

Where can I buy a calming pet bed online?

There are a variety of retailers that sell calming pet beds online.

Some popular options include Amazon,, and Petco.

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Take Away

The right environment can help a pet feel calm and more secure. Calming dog beds can be a great way to help do that. These beds come in different shapes and sizes, so consider which would best suit your pup’s needs and personality.

We hope our article helps you choose and select the best calming pet bed for your pup.

What are your thoughts on calming beds? Please comment below.

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