Bulldog Exercise – The Ultimate Guide-How Much and What Kind

Bulldog Exercise - The Ultimate Guide

In this article, Bulldog Exercise – The Ultimate Guide, we’ll explore some tips on how to exercise your English Bulldog to help keep them healthy and happy.

English Bulldogs are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world and for good reason. They are fun, good-natured, and easy to care for. However, to keep them healthy, they do need some regular exercise.

Bulldog Exercise - The Ultimate Guide

Exercise is essential for English Bulldogs to keep them fit and healthy. Like us, regular exercise helps keep them at a healthy weight and build and maintain muscle.

However, unlike humans, they need (and can only withstand) a minimal amount of activity each day.

Over-exercising can be just as unhealthy as not getting enough! Bulldogs are prone to hip dysplasia, knee, and various joint issues due to their build.

Shorter-legged, heavy-weight dogs are more susceptible to weak joints due to extreme pressure placed on them when running, playing, and even walking.

This breed should never be allowed to over-exercise, especially as puppies. There are many critical growth periods throughout puppyhood that too much physical activity can cause devastating… even just once!

Don’t forget your Bulldog needs to hydrate, so be sure there is water readily available.

Bulldog Exercise - The Ultimate Guide - Water

Caution For Puppies

Bulldog Exercise - The Ultimate Guide - Puppy

Too much activity for Bulldog puppies poses a risk of irreparable damage to their bodies, causing lifelong pain and health issues.

At many points in the first year, (or more) of life for the English Bulldog puppy, their bones, joints, and even their hearts are in the growing process, which can sometimes leave them vulnerable to injuries.

This is very common when it comes to knees and hips. At various stages of growth, one part of the knee may be beginning to form and change shape while another is still growing. As things move and take shape, these areas can become weak and are susceptible to damage.

When a puppy is allowed to take long walks or run long distances, this can cause significant problems in these areas as they are not yet physically prepared for this type of activity.

Many dog owners have found their English Bulldog puppies in situations where they have been injured simply because they did not understand the importance of limited, low-impact exercise at this age.

Exercise Routine

An adult Bulldog should follow a strict routine for exercise and activity to keep their hearts and muscle healthy, and not much more than that.

How Much Exercise?

English Bulldog puppies should be exercised each day but with less intense play.

Thirty minutes of playtime together in the backyard should be enough on most days. And remember, you don’t want to have your bulldog participate in strenuous exercise for long periods of time.

While inside, they should be limited on activity (which isn’t much of a problem since this breed tends to be happy with laying around most of the day).

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Our adult Bulldogs are allowed to run, jump and wrestle for no more than 10 minutes at a time. Then, we begin to encourage them to calm down for less intensive play for the remaining 20 minutes.

Also, don’t forget that mental stimulation is as important as physical activity. Engage your dog in a new game or take a walk through a new area, like a dog park.

Just be aware that many dogs are off-leash if you go to a dog park, so you do want to use caution. Even though Bulldogs are loving doesn’t mean other dog breeds are.

Supervise All Activity

Bulldog Exercise - The Ultimate Guide - Swimming

An English Bulldog can easily overheat and also risk playing too hard without realizing that they have injured themselves, as their pain tolerance is exceptionally high.

Heat exhaustion should be a significant concern with over-exercising in the summer. The danger here is much more severe than the potential damage to joints with these breeds; hot summer months can be deadly in just a matter of minutes!

It is always best to supervise all activities and be watchful for any labored breathing or limping.

If you see either of these, you must immediately stop what they are doing and get them back inside to rest, preferably into their night crates.

What type of exercise is best for English Bulldogs?

What Type of Exercise Is Best for English Bulldogs?

Regular, low-impact exercise is best for English Bulldogs.

As an English Bulldog owner, it’s important to understand that unlike many other dogs the English Bulldog breed is prone to joint problems, and over-exercising can quickly lead to lifelong ailments, especially for an English Bulldog puppy.

A nice walk of 20 minutes is a good amount for a Bulldog.

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The Take-Away

As with other dogs, English Bulldogs need regular exercise to stay healthy and happy.

As an English Bulldog owner, do keep in mind not to overdo it because of the possibility of them becoming injured or getting overheated. If you suspect your dog is suffering from any injury or heat-related issues, contact your vet immediately to get their expert advice.

Providing your Bulldog with the right amount of activity is key to their long-term happiness and well-being. In Bulldog Exercise – The Ultimate Guide, we have provided you with a few tips on how to exercise your English Bulldog and help keep them healthy and happy.

Do you have any advice on ensuring your bulldog is getting its exercise? Let us know in the comments below!