How To Clean A French Bulldog’s Ears – And Keep Them Healthy

How To Clean A French Bulldog’s Ears – And Keep Them Healthy

Do you have a French Bulldog? If so, you know that their ears need a lot of care. Their ears are very sensitive, and dirty ears can lead to infection and hearing loss problems. In this article, How To Clean A French Bulldog’s Ears – And Keep Them Healthy, we’ll show you how to clean a Frenchies ears properly, effectively, and efficiently.

We’ll also discuss the different types of ear cleaning agents available on the market and let you know when it’s ideal to use each one. The provided tips on how to keep their ears clean and free from infection and the knowledge you’ll gain will make you a pro in no time.

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Why Do I Need To Clean My Dog’s Ears

French bulldogs are a popular breed known for their distinctive bat-like ears, and it is important to know how to clean French bulldog ears in English to maintain their hygiene and prevent any potential ear infections. As part of your pup’s hygiene, it’s important that their ears are kept clean.


As part of routine hygiene and keeping healthy, your dog’s ears should remain clean. However, before cleaning frenchies ears dog’s ears, make sure he needs them cleaned.

The ear will be odorless, clean, and not infected or inflamed if they are clean.

Over-cleaning can cause discomfort and even infection, so clean your dog’s ears only when it is needed.

Prevent Ear Infection

Dogs with ear infections caused by bacteria or yeast usually experience red or brown discharge, a musty odor coming from the ear, and a lot of pulling/scratching at the ear.


In dogs, yeast overgrowth is the most common cause of ear infections. Yeast, which is fungi, lives throughout your dog’s body, both internally and externally.

These fungi are usually harmless but tend to grow faster than usual when conditions in the body become unbalanced.


Bacterial infections are most typically caused by moisture or wax accumulation in the ear.

Bacteria growth can occur with moisture in the ear canal, resulting in a bacterial infection.

To help prevent water from getting trapped in your dog’s ears, carefully dry them out after they have been around water.

Getting Rid Of Ear Mites

If your dog has ear mites, you need to clean them to help get rid of the mites. Mites don’t actually bite the dog but are a source of irritation and itching. As the dog scratches to relieve the itching, it can lead to infection.

Remove Dirt And Debris

With rolling and playing outdoors, dirt and other debris can get into your dog’s ears. It’s important to get the dirt out, so it doesn’t make its way down the ear canal, thus helping to prevent infection.

How Often Do I Need To Clean Frenchie’s Ears?

Checking your dog’s ears once a week is a good rule of thumb.

Anytime you notice dirt in or around your dog’s ears, be sure to clean them.

At least once a month, clean the inside of their ears.

Each time you clean your dog’s ears, look for signs of potential problems. If you suspect any issue, contact your veterinarian.

Signs Your Dog Has A Possible Ear Infection

How To Clean A French Bulldog’s Ears – And Keep Them Healthy

A dog with an ear infection can show the following signs:

Difficulty Hearing
Frequently Shaking Their Head
Persistent Scratching of the Ears
Inner Ear Redness
A Foul Smell

If you notice any of these, be sure to contact your vet for medical advice. It is possible your pooch might need antibiotics to clear any infection.

Steps To Clean Your Dog’s Ears

Some dogs are more comfortable than others getting their ears clean. It is somewhat more manageable if you start them out young. But even an older dog shouldn’t give you much trouble. To keep them distracted, giving small treats as you go helps.

There are a few ways to clean your dog’s ears, but I’m sharing the method my vet recommended for my dogs.

First, you want to get all the needed supplies together.

Cotton Balls: Do not use q-tips or cotton swabs as these can push dirt and debris further into the ear canal.

Ear Cleaning Solution: Never clean your dog’s ears with water. It makes your dog susceptible to infection because it causes the skin to soften and swell. Also, avoid cleaners that contain hydrogen peroxide or alcohol. These can both irritate your dog’s ears.

So What Can I Use To Clean My Dog’s Ears? You can purchase dog ear cleaning solution from your vet or pet stores.

Step 1:

Cleaning the Outer Ear:

How To Clean A French Bulldog’s Ears – And Keep Them Healthy
  • Take a cotton ball and wet it with the ear cleaner. Wring it out so the cotton ball is just damp, not saturated.
  • Holding your dog secure, gently lift your dog’s ear flap and then gently wipe the visible parts of the ear with the cotton ball.
  • Repeat with a new cotton ball until all dirt is removed.

Step 2:

Cleaning the Ear Canal:

How To Clean A French Bulldog’s Ears – And Keep Them Healthy
  • Squirt the ear cleaning solution into the ear canal. Keep the tip of the bottle away from the ear. If it does touch the ear, wipe it off with an alcohol pad to help prevent contamination.
  • Keep in mind that your dog will want to shake their head. This is okay and is just part of the process. For this reason, you might want to clean your dog’s ears outside.
  • For about 20-30 seconds, gently massage the base of the ear gently. Any excess buildup will be loosened by doing this.
  • Release your dog, and he will more than likely shake his head to rid the ear canal of any solution. Don’t forget to get out of the way.
  • After your dog has finished shaking its ears out, use as many dry cotton balls as needed and start drying the visible portion of the ear. Don’t try to dry the canal by pushing the cotton down into the canal.

Repeat All Steps For The Other Ear

  • Avoid ear cleansing solutions that contain hydrogen peroxide or alcohol since these can irritate your dog’s ears.
  • Mineral oil is fine for cleaning the outer areas of your dog’s ears, but do not squirt mineral oil into your french bulldog’s ear canal.

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If you have any difficulty or find the job isn’t for you, a dog groomer or your vet can clean your pup’s ears for you.

How To Clean A French Bulldog’s Ears – And Keep Them Healthy

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So, there you have it! How To Clean A French Bulldog’s Ears – And Keep Them Healthy is our comprehensive guide on how to clean a dog’s ears. From the why and how of cleaning them to the most effective steps for doing so and the signs of ear infections.

Let us know your adventures with dog ear cleaning by commenting below.

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