Best Vacuums For Dog Hair: A Comprehensive Review 

Best Vacuums For Dog Hair

As a pet parent, dog hair can be your worst enemy. It’s everywhere — on your furniture, your clothes, and worst of all, embedded deep into your carpets. A regular vacuum cleaner may not cut it, and that’s why we’ve created this guide to help you find the best vacuums for dog hair.

Recommended Robotic

Best Vacuums For Dog Hair - Shark IQ
Shark IQ
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Best Vacuums For Dog Hair - Shark
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Budget – Minded

Best Vacuums For Dog Hair - Eureka
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How to Choose the Best Vacuum for Dog Hair

Consider Your Specific Needs

Before buying a vacuum, consider the specific needs of your household. Do you have hardwood floors, carpet, or both? How many pets do you have, and what are their breeds? Do any family members have allergies?

Key Features to Look For in a Vacuum for Dog Hair

When shopping for a vacuum, there are several key features to look for. These include:

  • Strong Suction Power
  • A Brush Designed To Pick Up Pet Hair
  • A High-Quality Filter, Such As A HEPA Filter
  • Bagged or Bagless
  • Included Attachments
  • Your Budget

Top 5 Vacuums for Dog Hair

We’ve put together a list of our top five vacuum cleaners for dog hair. Below, we’ve detailed the specific features, pros and cons, and a summary for each model to help you make an informed decision.

Our Top Picks

  1. Budget Friendly: Eureka
  2. SmartSeal Allergen System : Bissell
  3. Lift-Away: Shark
  4. Self Propelled: Dyson Ball
  5. Robotic: Shark IQ


Best Vacuums For Dog Hair - Eureka


The Eureka PowerSpeed vacuum cleaner is an all-in-one solution for maintaining clean, fresh floors and upholstery. This lightweight vacuum can easily move from room to room, get into tight spaces, and handle big cleaning jobs.

  • Whole Home Cleaning: The PowerSpeed is designed to deep clean carpets and hard floors, making it a versatile choice for cleaning all types of flooring in your home.
  • Lightweight Design: Weighing just 10 lbs, the PowerSpeed is easy to maneuver and lift, even for above-floor cleaning or carrying up the stairs.
  • XL Easy Empty Dust Cup: With a 2.6L XL dust cup, you can vacuum for longer periods without frequent interruptions to empty the cup.
  • Pet Turbo Brush: For efficient pet hair removal.
  • Above Floor Cleaning: The PowerSpeed comes with a quick-release handle and 7 ft of extended reach, making it easy to clean shelves, windows, furniture, and tight spaces.
  • 5 Height Adjustment Settings: The vacuum features 5 height adjustment settings, which allow you to optimize cleaning depending on the type of flooring, from hard floors to deep carpets.
  • Accessories: The Eureka PowerSpeed vacuum cleaner comes with several handy accessories. The included pet turbo brush makes removing pet hair easy, which can often be challenging with standard vacuum attachments. Additionally, the 2-in-1 upholstery tool is versatile and ideal for cleaning furniture surfaces. A quick-release handle is also included, which can be stored on the vacuum for easy access and use. These accessories help users easily remove pet hair and reach hard-to-reach areas, making cleaning more efficient​​.


  • Product Dimensions: 13.4″L x 14″W x 44.5″H
  • Product Weight: 10 lbs
  • Motor Wattage: 960 W
  • Dust Cup Capacity: 2.6L
  • Cord Length: 25′
  • Max Extended Reach: 7′
  • Cleaning Path: 12.6″
  • 2-year Limited Warranty


  • Versatile Cleaning: With the ability to clean hard floors and carpets, this vacuum offers flexibility for cleaning different areas of your home.
  • Lightweight and Portable: At just 10 lbs, this vacuum is easy to carry and maneuver, even up the stairs.
  • Pet Turbo Brush: Makes removing pet hair easy.
  • Large Dust Cup: The large dust cup means fewer interruptions for emptying the cup while vacuuming.
  • Height Adjustments: The 5 height adjustment settings allow for optimal cleaning on any type of floor.


  • No Swivel Steering: The lack of swivel steering could make maneuverability somewhat challenging in certain tight spaces.
  • No Cord Rewind: This means you’ll have to manually wind the cord after each use.

What We Like:

We appreciate the versatility of the Eureka PowerSpeed vacuum cleaner. Its ability to handle different types of flooring and above-floor cleaning makes it a handy tool for any home. Its pet turbo brush makes it a viable option for homes with pets, efficiently tackling stubborn pet hair. The lightweight design and large dust cup also stand out as great features, allowing for ease of use and longer cleaning sessions.


The Eureka PowerSpeed vacuum cleaner offers a powerful and versatile cleaning solution. Whether you need to clean carpets, hard floors, or above-floor areas, this lightweight vacuum has you covered. Despite a few missing features, such as swivel steering and headlights, it provides excellent performance and convenience for maintaining a clean and fresh home. With its five height adjustment settings and large dust cup, you can enjoy uninterrupted, customized cleaning. The Eureka PowerSpeed is a solid choice for those seeking a reliable, versatile, easy-to-use vacuum cleaner.


Best Vacuums For Dog Hair -  Bissell

The BISSELL 27909 Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Rewind Vacuum is a lightweight and efficient cleaning tool that aims to make pet hair cleanup a breeze. Its impressive features and smart technology have earned a spot among the top vacuums for tackling dog hair.


  • Lightweight Design: The BISSELL 27909 Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Rewind Vacuum is designed to be lightweight, making it easy to maneuver.
  • Automatic Cord Rewind: The vacuum comes equipped with an automatic cord rewind feature, allowing for quick and hassle-free storage after use.
  • Tangle-Free Brush Roll: The specially designed brush roll is engineered to prevent pet hair from tangling, reducing maintenance and maximizing cleaning efficiency.
  • Headlights: Integrated headlights illuminate dark areas, enabling you to spot hidden pet hair and debris under furniture or in corners.
  • Powerful Pet Hair Pickup: The vacuum’s powerful suction and specially designed tools ensure efficient pickup of pet hair from various surfaces, including carpets, upholstery, and hard floors.
  • SmartSeal Allergen System: This system captures and traps allergens, preventing them from escaping back into the air and ensuring a healthier living environment for allergy sufferers.
  • Specialized Pet Tools: To tackle pet hair and dander effectively, the vacuum comes with additional pet-specific tools, such as the Pet TurboEraser Tool and the 2-in-1 Pet Dusting Brush.


  • Product Dimensions: 14″L x 12.56″W x 45.25″H
  • Product Weight: 16.5 lbs
  • Cord Length: 27′


  • Exceptional Pet Hair Removal: The BISSELL 27909 Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Rewind Vacuum is highly effective in picking up stubborn pet hair, leaving your floors and furniture looking pristine.
  • Lightweight and Maneuverable: Its lightweight design and swivel steering make navigating furniture and other obstacles effortless, allowing you to clean even hard-to-reach areas.
  • Automatic Cord Rewind: The automatic cord rewind feature saves time and eliminates the hassle of manually winding up the cord.
  • Tangle-Free Brush Roll: The brush roll’s tangle-free design prevents hair from wrapping around the bristles, reducing maintenance and maintaining peak performance.
  • SmartSeal Allergen System: The inclusion of the SmartSeal Allergen System ensures that allergens are trapped and prevented from being released into the air, making it ideal for allergy sufferers.


  • Heavy: Weighing 16.5 lbs, some people will find the vacuum heavy to maneuver.
  • Dustbin Capacity: The dustbin could be larger, as it may need to be emptied more frequently during extensive cleaning sessions.

What We Like

The BISSELL 27909 Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Rewind Vacuum impresses us with its powerful pet hair pickup capabilities. The tangle-free brush roll ensures uninterrupted cleaning, while the SmartSeal Allergen System promotes a healthier environment for pet owners and allergy sufferers. The addition of specialized pet tools makes it a comprehensive solution for pet hair removal.


The BISSELL 27909 Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Rewind Vacuum is an efficient cleaning tool specifically designed for pet owners. With features such as automatic cord rewind, tangle-free brush roll, headlights, and powerful pet hair pickup, it tackles the challenge of dog hair with ease.

Its SmartSeal Allergen System promotes a healthier environment for pet owners and allergy sufferers by capturing and trapping allergens. The inclusion of specialized pet tools, such as the Pet TurboEraser Tool and the 2-in-1 Pet Dusting Brush, enhances its versatility for targeted pet hair removal.

With its thoughtful design and powerful performance, the BISSELL 27909 Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Rewind Vacuum is an excellent choice for pet owners seeking a reliable and efficient solution to keep their homes free from pet hair.

Shark NV752

Best Vacuums for Dog Hair : Shark


  • Lift-Away Technology: This feature allows you to easily detach the canister from the vacuum, providing portability and convenience when cleaning hard-to-reach areas like stairs or furniture.
  • Powered Brush Roll: The powered brush roll is designed to provide thorough cleaning on various surfaces, including both carpets and hard floors. It agitates the dirt and debris in your carpet, making it easier for the vacuum to pick them up.
  • HEPA Filter: A High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter is designed to trap tiny allergens like dust mites, pollen, and pet dander, making it an excellent feature for individuals with allergies or asthma. It helps keep the air in your home clean and free from these common irritants.
  • Large Dust Cup Capacity: A larger dust cup capacity means you can vacuum for longer periods without needing to stop and empty the dust cup. This can make cleaning more efficient, especially in larger homes.
  • LED Headlights: LED headlights on the vacuum help illuminate dark areas, making it easier to spot and clean dust, dirt, and pet hair under furniture.
  • Swivel Steering: This makes it easier to maneuver the vacuum.


  • Product Dimensions: 13.2″L x 11.9″W x 45″H
  • Product Weight: 15.4 lbs
  • Motor Wattage: 1150 W
  • Dust Cup Capacity: 0.88 quart
  • Cord Length: 25′
  • Warranty: 5-year limited


  • The lift-away feature provides versatile cleaning options
  • HEPA filter effectively traps allergens
  • LED lights are helpful in cleaning darker areas
  • Large dust cup capacity reduces the need for frequent emptying
  • Pet Power Brush effectively tackles pet hair


  • It might be heavier compared to other models
  • The price might be high for budget-conscious buyers

What We Don’t Like

While the Shark NV752 offers many impressive features, it’s not without its downsides. One of the main criticisms is its weight. The vacuum is heavier than some other models on the market, which could make maneuvering it around the house more challenging, particularly for those with mobility issues or when cleaning multi-level homes.

Additionally, while the large dust cup capacity reduces the need for frequent emptying, some users might find the process a bit messy when it does come time to empty the cup. It would be beneficial if future models could address this issue for a more user-friendly design.

What We Like

We appreciate the Shark NV752’s Lift-Away technology, allowing for versatile cleaning from floor to ceiling. The Pet Power Brush is particularly effective for homes with pets, making pet hair removal a breeze. Its LED lights are a thoughtful touch, illuminating hard-to-see dust and debris. The sizable dust cup is another big plus, reducing the need for frequent emptying during cleaning sessions.


The Shark NV752 Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet Upright Vacuum stands out as a pet-friendly vacuum cleaner. Its design and features, particularly the Pet Power Brush and Lift-Away technology, make it a powerful tool against pet hair and common household dirt and debris. Although it’s a bit heavier and pricier than some alternatives, its performance and versatility may justify the investment for pet owners seeking a thorough clean for their homes.

Dyson Ball

Best Vacuums for Dogs - Dyson

The Dyson Ball Animal Pro Upright Vacuum Cleaner offers innovative features and powerful performance to meet all your cleaning needs. This model is designed to handle tough tasks in homes with pets. This model incorporates the best of Dyson’s technology, including Ball Technology and HEPA Filtration.


  • Telescopic Handle: This feature provides adjustable height for added convenience and comfort, accommodating users of different heights and reaching elevated spaces.
  • Height Adjustment: This feature allows the vacuum cleaner to be adjusted to clean various types of flooring effectively, from high-pile carpeting to bare floors.
  • Rotating Brushes: Rotating brushes work to loosen dirt and debris from carpets and rugs, allowing for a deeper clean.


  • Product Dimensions: 42.4″(H) x 15.4″(W) x 13.4″(L)
  • Product Weight: 17.4 lbs


  • Excellent cleaning power
  • Adjustable features for convenience
  • HEPA filter


  • Might be heavier than some other models
  • Premium pricing compared to other brands

What We Don’t Like

Despite its impressive features, the Dyson Ball Animal Pro has a couple of downsides. Similar to other Dyson models, it’s a bit on the heavier side, which could pose challenges for some users. Furthermore, its higher price point might not fit everyone’s budget, although many may find the performance and features justify the cost.

What We Like

We appreciate the Dyson Ball Animal Pro for its innovative design and powerful cleaning abilities. The telescopic handle and height adjustment provide versatility and the HEPA filter contributes to a clean and healthy home environment.


The Dyson Ball Animal Pro Upright Vacuum Cleaner is a top-tier vacuum, offering many features designed to deliver a superior clean, especially in homes with pets. Despite its higher price and weight, it offers exceptional performance that could make it a worthwhile investment for those seeking a thorough and convenient cleaning solution.

Shark IQ Robot

Best Vacuums for Dog Hair - Shark Robot

The Shark IQ Robot Vacuum AV1002AE represents the latest advancements in automated home cleaning. This smart device integrates Wi-Fi and Alexa compatibility for seamless, hands-free operation. Featuring an XL self-empty base and self-cleaning brush roll, this robot vacuum offers a worry-free cleaning experience, even in homes with pets.


  • XL Self-Empty Base: This feature allows the vacuum to empty its own dust bin into the larger base, reducing the frequency of emptying required and offering a truly hands-off cleaning experience.
  • Self-Cleaning Brushroll: The self-cleaning brush roll is designed to automatically remove pet hair and long hair that would typically cause tangling, maintaining the vacuum’s performance
  • Advanced Navigation: This vacuum uses advanced navigation technologies to map your home, avoid obstacles, and efficiently clean each room.
  • Wi-Fi and Alexa Compatibility: With Wi-Fi connectivity, you can control and schedule your vacuum from anywhere using your smartphone. Additionally, Alexa compatibility allows for voice control.


  • Product Dimensions: 12.9″L x 12.6″W x 3.5″H
  • Product Weight: 5.9 lbs
  • Dust Cup Capacity: 0.17 quarts
  • Wi-Fi and Alexa Compatible
  • Advanced Navigation System
  • Self-Emptying and Self-Cleaning Features


  • Hands-free operation and maintenance
  • Efficient navigation and cleaning
  • Convenient Wi-Fi and Alexa compatibility


  • Might struggle with very thick carpets
  • Could be noisy during the operation

What We Don’t Like

Despite its impressive features, the Shark IQ Robot Vacuum AV1002AE has a couple of potential drawbacks. It may struggle with deep cleaning very thick carpets, and its operation might be noisier than some other robot vacuum models. However, these downsides may be minimal, considering the convenience and advanced features offered by the device.

What We Do Like

We appreciate the Shark IQ Robot Vacuum AV1002AE for its advanced, user-friendly features. The XL self-empty base and self-cleaning brushroll significantly reduce maintenance, while the advanced navigation system ensures efficient cleaning of your entire home. The Wi-Fi and Alexa compatibility provide a truly smart, hands-free operation.


Overall, the Shark IQ Robot Vacuum AV1002AE is an advanced, convenient cleaning solution, especially for pet owners. With smart features like self-emptying, self-cleaning, and Wi-Fi and Alexa compatibility, it offers a truly hands-off cleaning experience. Despite a few potential drawbacks, its innovative features and performance make it a standout choice in the realm of robot vacuums.


Why do I need a specific vacuum for dog hair?

Dog hair can be particularly challenging to clean because it tends to weave into fabric surfaces and scatter across hard floors. Vacuums designed for pet hair typically have specialized tools and higher suction power to effectively remove hair from various surfaces. They also often have features that prevent hair from tangling in the brush roll, which can hinder performance.

Can regular vacuums handle dog hair?

While a regular vacuum can handle a certain amount of pet hair, it may struggle with heavy shedding or hair embedded in upholstery or carpets. Regular vacuums might also experience hair wraps in the brush roll, reducing their effectiveness and possibly leading to damage over time. Vacuums designed for pet hair are equipped to tackle these challenges more effectively.

What features should I look for in a vacuum for dog hair?

When looking for a vacuum to handle dog hair, consider models with strong suction power, specialized pet hair tools or attachments, a brush roll that’s resistant to hair tangles, and efficient filtration systems that can capture pet dander and other allergens. If convenience is a priority, you might also consider a model with features like a self-emptying base or advanced navigation.

Additional Reading

In Parting

Choosing the right vacuum for your home can make all the difference, especially when dealing with the unique challenges of dog hair. Each of the vacuums we’ve reviewed offers specialized features aimed at tackling pet hair, from powerful suction and specialized brush rolls to advanced filtration systems and convenient self-cleaning functions.

While each vacuum has its strengths and potential drawbacks, they all excel in providing a thorough cleaning in homes with pets. Your ultimate decision will depend on your specific needs, preferences, and budget. Whether you prioritize a certain feature or price point, we hope our reviews have helped guide you toward the best vacuums for dog hair for your home.

With all products, features can change, so be sure the qualities that attract you to the product are still the same before purchasing. 

Do you have a favorite vacuum that you found exceptional in cleaning up pet hair? Please comment below.

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