The Chocolate English Bulldog – The Color Explained

The Chocolate English Bulldog – The Color Explained delves into the genetics of this beautiful dog.

What Is A Chocolate English Bulldog?

What is a chocolate bulldog

A Chocolate English Bulldog is one of many colors found in English Bulldogs. Chocolate-colored English Bulldogs are not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) and cannot be AKC registered. Chocolate is considered one of the rare colors found in English Bulldogs.

The Chocolate Bulldog Gene

Bulldogs that are Chocolate are actually diluted black dogs. A Chocolate English Bulldog is a color variation found in Bulldogs requiring both parents to have the dominant or recessive gene. As long as both parents have the gene, there is a possibility they will produce Chocolate English Bulldog pups. If only one parent has the gene, Chocolate pups will not be produced.

However, if a full Chocolate (dominant, showing brown pigment) dog is bred to a standard color dog that does not carry chocolate, the Chocolate genetics will be passed to every puppy, making each of them a Chocolate carrier, but they themselves will not be Chocolate.

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Coloring Of A Chocolate English Bulldog

What Is A Chocolate English Bulldog?

The Chocolate gene, when dominant, will replace only the black pigment throughout the dog with a brown tone.

Bulldogs that are Chocolate will have no black in their coat, and their eye color will be a lighter color as well, from very light brown to a bright, amber yellow.

Chocolate Bulldogs may have a fawn undercoat, but this is not always the case.

The most obvious area where the chocolate gene can be seen is in the nose. Usually, an English Bulldog has a black nose. However, a Chocolate Bulldog is easy to spot, with their unusual brown nose, to light pink tone. In fact, if the nose of the bulldog is not brown, it is not a true Chocolate Bulldog.

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How Much Does A Chocolate Bulldog Cost?

Due to their rarity, Chocolate Bulldogs cost quite a bit of money. They’re very popular, and for breeders, the process of breeding Bulldogs does not come cheap. You can expect to pay around $6500 – $7500 and even more for one of these beautiful dogs.

Other Rare Colors Of The English Bulldog

Though a Chocolate Bulldog is beautiful, other colors also have their own beauty. The table below lists some of the more rare colors seen in the English Bulldog.

Coat ColorEye Color
MerleWhite and GreyBlue
Lilac TriSilverBlue
Chocolate TriDark BrownBlue or Green
Blue TriLight Grey/SilverBlue
Lilac SableLight BrownBlue or Green
Black TriBlack With Tan SpotsBrown
Chocolate BrindleBrown or SilverBlue or Brown

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The Chocolate English Bulldog – The Color Explained explored how the chocolate color found in the English Bulldog is derived.

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